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  1. Believe in the Force, my friend. Believe in Kawamori.
  2. Thanks, but the remastered version is good enough.
  3. I hate to admit it, but I feel a little bit sorry for Nena. At least, Setsuna is going to kick more ass.
  4. That makes a lot of sense for me. The number of crappy and normal pilots (the poor ones in the Macross Frontier's first episode for example) outnumbered for sure the brilliant ones. So why spending such money on state of the art variable fighters like the VF-19/22 when UN Spacy surely knows that a majority of its pilots cannot handle such babies ? Only brilliant pilots like Dyson can. So logically, Crappy and normal pilots (the majority) get : VF-11, VF-171 Brilliant pilots (the minority) get : VF-19, VF-22, VF-25
  5. Unfortunately, it won't happen since Japaneses don't have the "me, myself and I" culture we have in the west. Naming things to honor a person is not a japanese thing.
  6. Kawamori deserves a tribute after all.
  7. VF-25 Maximus VF-25 Star Macross VF-25 Enterprise VF-25 Galaxy VF-25 Taki (Soul Calibur, you know )
  8. I guess Russian engineers watched Macross Plus too.
  9. Wait a little bit before saying such things. His mission is not over yet ...
  10. And what about Gundam ? Do you have lots of them too ?
  11. If that thing was a woman, it will be without a doubt the most beautiful woman in the galaxy with a nice *** and big ****.
  12. OUPS !!! I voted for Lynn Minmay thinking it was ''your most favorite singer''. I'm going with Sharon Apple then.
  13. Actually, it's UN Wars in Macross and Global War in Robo..., Robo..., Robo..., ... Sorry, but it seems that I cannot write or say crappy word.
  14. Yeah, makes sense. I guess the time warp was caused by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E while travelling back in time to stop Borg from assimilating Macross Frontier ...
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