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  1. I couldnt agree more, it's not perfect, but pretty strong overall, I gave it a 9, I also feel the supporting cast could have used some more exposure, I think flipping priorities between OzmaxCathy with MichelxKlan would have made the series more interesting, IMO throughout the series the relationship between Cathy and Ozma got more screen time than MichelxKlan's, and since they killed off Michel, giving that relationship more attention would have paid off even more at the end. General impressions of the entire series. Gave it a 9, why? Because they were able to pull off a very hard balancing act, keeping old school fans happy while attracting a new generation, yes, some of the weaker part of the show come from this, but it needed to be done. Opinions of the overall story, writing, plot devices, characters, character design, i.e., in-story elements, etc. Good overall, pacing could have used some work, so did some characters, character designs were pretty good for the main ones while, good to average to poor for others. Opinions on the staff, casting, marketing of the show, i.e. real life/behind the scenes, etc. I think everything was spot on, from the female leads to the male ones, everything was very well done, and thought out I only have one gripe about the staff which I'll mention later, as far as marketing goes, I live in the US so, I'll go with what I've seen posted here, and I'd say it was as good as they could have done, sale numbers speak for themselves. What could have the production staff done differently? Secure Ichiro Itano as action choreographer, I think the battle scenes were excellent but Itano could have taken them to another level, I really hope they bring him in for the movie. How would you rate the production staff, voice actors, animation, story, characters, etc.? The proction staff did a great job, no complains there, so did the voice actors, the CG animation was hands down better than anything else shown on it's budget range, 2D animation could have used some more attention sometimes, which I hope they address in the movie, character wise, I found the lead too whiny at times, I think people liked him most when he was made fun off, IMO the audience should be cheering for him, not laughing at him, I honestly think they could have made him more likeable. Ranka could have used more work also, Sheryl was hands down the best character in the series, what a tough girl, this is the type of treatment Alto needed as a character. Did the music work for the series? Could it have been better? I dont think any anime series has gotten the type of treatment Macross Frontier got on the music department, ever, period. Of course some songs are better than others, but I dont see any way they could have done better, over half a million CD singles sold, not including the OST, 5 singles breaking the top 5, just WOW.
  2. Just saw it, WOW talk about intense, everything was spot on, and you gotta give credit to the director and editors, they did a bang up job with the time they had, and dont even get me started on the music, I really couldnt be happier with the series, if Alto not making up his mind means we get more Macross then so be it
  3. From a pure production value stand point, Macross Zero takes the cake IMO, followed by DYRL, Plus, and Frontier, respectively. As an overall package SDF Macross is still the best Macross IMO.
  4. I really hope they dont rush this, I'm hoping this is as good or better than comparable projects from different animation houses.
  5. The game looks awesome! And, IF something gets announced soon after the end of MF, I'm betting it would be an OVA, like I mentioned before, Satelight dropped the Hellsing Ultimate OVA contract for a reason, this might be it.
  6. Thanks for the info, add to that all the CD's sold, and they got in their hands a pretty sucessful series. Let's say Kawamori and Satelight actually plan to do another Macross project be it Frontier or not, what would be more likely, another series or an OVA? I was just wondering because I just saw the Blu-Ray rips or Zero, and it looks absolutely amazing on high definition, and it's already 5 years old, I'd love to see what they can pull off with an OVA budget with current technology. I'm guessing hoping for a movie it's out of the question for now, correct me if I'm wrong, but franchises that turned into movies went from season 1, to season 2, to OVA, to movie, or some sort or variation from that right?
  7. Any way to find out how the sales have been doing since the first week of release? and/or how those numbers compare against other sucessful series, like the ones mentioned?
  8. You're right it was there, still inside the VF though either way, I thought it was pretty touching.
  9. There was a thread about this before, and it looked that there was enough interest to set up a master page where people can get Macross stuff for their cellphones, I've spent the last couple of days cutting up a few ringtones and wallpapers, and put them up here: http://www.myxer.com/artist/12041841/ This is completely non-profit, I just felt like giving something back to the community, people are more than welcome to contribute to it and add their custom stuff to it, currently all the wallpapers are iPhone resolution which is the phone I have, if there's something you really like I can take requests and resize wallpapers as needed. Enjoy. PS: Mods, I used "MacrossWorld" as the user name, if you think that's a problem, I'll either change it or create a new account altogether, just let me know.
  10. Great to see you guys joining in on the discussion, "Tom and Jerry" always jumped at me during the OP/credit sequence, I went "hey, I know this guy!" when I saw you here
  11. They fixed the "Danger" reflection from Alto's visor on the BD release, too lazy to post pics >_>
  12. Thanks alot for this, I was actually wondering about sale numbers on my way back from work this afternoon. Personally I apreciate you posting this type of info, I don't really know where else I'd get it As far as more Macross is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they announce something by the end of Frontier, just by looking at all the numbers both soundtrack(s) and DVD sales it's clear that MacF has been a sucess for all the companies involved (so far), from what I gathered by reading things posted here and elsewhere, reception has been very positive to say the least, I posted before that satelight dropped their other "high profile" project, the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, which MADHOUSE is picking up, meaning they (Satelight) could put all their resources behind another Macross project if they wanted, from a business stand point, it'd make sense for them to go into this direction, since they have full control of the franchise, in other words there's more money to be made from an in-house project than from an out-sourced one, especially with the kind of sucess that Frontier is enjoying at this time. I'm crossing my fingers.
  13. Thanks for the link, I don't know any Japanese but the pics look amazing, the place was packed, someone needs to upload this concert to youtube!
  14. I thought it was awful, the only thing worth salvaging from it was the music, the GC animation was so stiff it made me gag, they tried to hide it by spinning the camera around lol, I haven't seen Macross 7, and I'm not really interested in it, I just cant buy the whole pilot with a guitar concept, I agree completely about DYRL and Frontier though, Zero was good in it's own right, what it lacks in characters and story, makes up in animation, IMO they set a benchmark for dogfight choreography that hasn't been matched yet.
  15. Has anybody tried to play back the BD H264 file on their PS3's yet? I tried a simple mux with h264info and tsmuxer but no luck, I'm in the middle of a second transcode with mkv2vob, if anybody knows of a simpler process, I'd appreciate a heads up, thanx.
  16. WOW I might end up getting the BD's after all, looks amazing.
  17. Try TMPGE dvd author: http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tda3.html I have tried multiple DVD authoring programs, and this is hands down the best one, it also converts files to Divx if you want to only play them on the PS3, you can have DVD video quality on the episodes as long as you dont put more than 4 episodes per disc, mess around with the settings, use 2 pass encoding for better quality and make sure you set it to 100% quality under video settings, good luck.
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