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  1. That's probably because the episode is not done 100% yet, some stuff looks great, and some stuff doesn't, IMO it's not that it looks worse, it's just that some of the inconsistency makes it distracting. The CG quality is actually better for the shots that you can tell are completed, the little cargo loader sequence looked gorgeous, and you can clearly appreciate not only the better renders, but the improved lighting, if you go back see the lighting on MacF, it looks flat in comparison. The 2D animation is a clear, clear improvement, I'm also going to say that after watching MacF first EP back to back with Delta, I like the character designs much better in Delta. The CG for 2008 was very impressive and also why the expectations for Delta are very high, I'll expend on this next. Yes for the sequence prior to the Aerial Knights showing up, it gets much, much better after that, I hated the presentation shot of the Walkure Valks, everything prior to the Aerial Knights fight sequence looked stiff IMO. Hopefully they'll improve this throughout the series, it's been my main concern since noticing the choreographer from Frontier is not working on this. I looked at the CG from both first episodes of MacF and Delta, and from what I've seen it seems that instead of going cutting edge for Delta in the way Satelight did for Frontier, the production team has decided to go for volume instead -something they struggled with during MacF. The use of CG on the first episode of Delta is much more extensive than anything in the first EP of MacF, and while the CG for MacF looked gorgeous where it was used, it was minimal in comparison, so there's the trade off. This is actually good thing IMO since it could mean we might get more action per episode than we did in MacF. As far as the show, I did not like the whole sailor moon thing, it was just too much for my taste, but the worst part IMO is the fact that the music is far inferior to anything that came out of the first EP of MacF if you give me something catchy it'll be easier to get thru the whole sailor moon thing but it wasn't the case IMO, Kanno's work on F is a lot better than anything heard on Delta, not just the songs, but the themes as well. The only track I felt was close to be on the same level as MacF music was the last song used on the episode, and again over the credits. I liked the characters much better in Delta than in MacF though, at least so far. I think Delta has a lot of potential, while not pushing the cutting edge as they did with F, it seems that they are going to be very ambitious when it comes to their set pieces as shown on the third act of the episode.
  2. Since I don't think this has been discussed yet, I'll bring it up. The production staff on key roles lacks experience compared to people that worked on Frontier, the one that worries me the most is the CG Director position. This is an excerpt from a Ichiro Itano interview around the time Frontier was being produced: Back when Frontier was announced some of us wondered/hoped for Itano's involvement, but of course didn't happen, Frontier still managed to deliver and this guy is the reason why, so in my opinion it is surprising to find out that he is not involved with Delta, instead we have someone with a handful of projects under their belt with the task of delivering one Macross's staples, it's fight choreography. I seriously doubt they would mess up something as important as this, but still, I would have liked someone from the "Itano school" still involved with Macross. Hironori Morino will be taking over Hiroshi Yagishita's position from Frontier. If I had to guess, the other two positions seem to have been recruited due to their animation experience in "Expelled from Paradise" -no directing experience, only animation credits, from a brief look at this movie, it does have some rather nice fight choreography in the same style as Macross, very dynamic. Directing experience comes from AKB0048 meh...
  3. Quick question, anywhere we can check for a sizing chart for the t-shirts? I'd like to be "100% Pure" sure before I pull the trigger, thanks
  4. you should be ready, my client is reading a torrent file from the folder I didn't add, (as in .torrent). All the files should play. Give them a try and let me know.
  5. This. Maybe they're saving the best for last? I'm still hoping for a new production announcement.
  6. I'm seeding this until you guys get it, there were a few times it went down, I was at work and my internet crapped out on me. There's not much else I can do.
  7. The torrent is live, what I meant by hang in there was that it'll take a while for anyone to get all the episodes downloaded, and you're welcome, after you get them let me know if they worked out for you guys.
  8. Here you go guys, sorry it took so long, just hang in there and be patient, my upload speed is crap http://extratorrent.com/torrent/2633991/
  9. Worked on getting them up today, direct download mirrors are crap since multiupload went down, got a torrent up and realized I was missing 2 episodes which were missing subtitle aligment, I'll encode those overnight. I'll try to have a torrent up by tomorrow, just so you guys know my upload speed is crap, so it'll take a while for you guys to get all the files.
  10. I have hardcoded all of the episodes at 1080p with AAC sound for my collection, they are very high quality and PS3 compatible, the subs used were THORA's. Let me know if you are interested and I'll upload them somewhere for you guys.
  11. Thanks for this!, I really can't get enough production stories
  12. I see your screen capture and raise you a "Megumi Nakajima VS Ranka Lee Houkago Overflow LIVE! at Budokan" I taught myself Sony Vegas today just for this lol.
  13. LOL I agree, and like I said before, this sequence/song is one of the highlights of the movie, it's beautifully animated. I find it funny people have a problem with a surfing scene, but nobody brings up the giant kabuki-dancing battle fortress-alien queen hybrid cyborg.
  14. Won't happen,Stallone approached him for the last Rocky and he tried to overcharge him for a simple flash back sequence... LOL
  15. I made so that the whole Quarter entry plays together as one scene without any cuts, timed it the best I could and modified the sound file of the second half of the video.
  16. The whole concept of having a quarter sized Macross class ship was to make it faster and more agile but not as powerful, so in a way it was built into the universe, you never see the full sized ships do something like that, they're heavier, slower and more powerful. In general I would agree with you, I always liked Macross because it's more grounded than other stuff out there, but when it comes to something like this, executed so beautifully I really don't care (you can be critical of the surfing concept not the execution). If there's a medium that can get away with it, it's anime, especially in this case. The scope, concept and choreography of this sequence puts most multi million dollar hollywood productions to shame IMO. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much I'm working on my own edit of it, which I'll post in a few minutes
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