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  1. For those commenting that this would only work on small models, bear in mind the sample model is about 7-8inches tall. The trick to using this technique is that it is very uni-directional. You pick one light source, and stick with it. Most aircraft modelers just try and enhance existing details without painting to a specific light source. I am of the opinin that this would actually suit a Battroid model very well. -Adam
  2. If it is not too late Cap'n, I am interested. -Adam
  3. I am needing to pare down my kit collection, and have decided to eliminate the kits I will never really get to. All are new in box and unstarted. Some have bags that have been opened, but all parts are there. All prices include shipping in the Continental US. Payment via Paypal, and PM if interested. 1/72 Hasegawa: VF-1 Battroid: $25 VF-1A/J/S Valkyrie: $20 VE-1 Elint (Initial issue): $35 VF-1 Valkyrie Weapon set: $15 Arai 1/20000: Vritwhai Ship Nupetiet-Vergnitzs X 2: $12 each **1 on Hold** Zjentoh Auedy Quiltra-Queleual : $12 **On hold** Imai: 1/144 Nousjadeul-Ger: $12 1/12 Roy Focker: $12 1/12 Lynn Minmay: $12 1/12 Hikaru Ichijo: $12 BanDai: 1/144 Queadluun Rau: $20 Moscato Models: 1/72 Kamjin Kridanik X 2: $70 each Hobby World Depot/M.H. Dream Workshop: 1/72 Macross Flashback 2012 VF-4 (Version 2.0): $75
  4. Gotta be honest.... Looks awful... Tell you what, send it, and your other Moscato builds and I will be happy to improve them for you. Now, they might sit on my shelves for a bit till I get to them, so I will have to suffer through looking at them, on a daily basis, till I get around them. Seriously though, outstanding job on these. -Adam
  5. Here: http://www.thewarstore.com/kneadatiteputtyandsculpting.html http://www.fantization.com/index.asp?PageA...amp;ProdID=6632 http://www.warehouse23.com/item.html?id=PSI000-23 Also, take a peak at procreate in the first link. Similar to greenstuff... -Adam
  6. It may be a typo as it says Bandai 1/72 VF-25S on the previous page. -Adam
  7. Outstanding build and review. very detailed shots that seem to show the model in a good light. One thing I do have to comment on, and I know others have as well. The 3/4 shot from the front right with the model on its landing gear illustrates just how ridiculously over sized the nose gear is. The main strut, when compared to the size of the pilot in the same shot, looks as though it is taller than a human, and is of a large enough diameter to allow two humans to fit inside comfortably.... That is way overscaled for a single seater. -Adam
  8. A big thanks to those who pointed towards Youtube.... This is one I did not want to wait on... Till I see the subs, I will withhold ultimate judgment, but I am extremely happy with how this turned out. Especially considering the movie announcement. It was the promise of this series (and all of the info here on MW) that reinvigorated my interest in all things Macross. Time to go build some models.... -Adam
  9. WM... If that Falcon is 1/72, I might be able to provide a replacement canopy. It would be from an older Hasegawa kit... Let me know if you are interested. -Adam
  10. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head IMO. All of the speculation are possible answers. It is plausible, especially looking at how they have been willing to add previously unknown information/equipment to the Macross universe, for it to be a second or subsequent Macross (SDF-1) class vessel. And that is part of what is fueling this discussion. I find it interesting that some fans are unwilling to admit the possibility/plausibility, because for them it is emotionally impossible/implausible for there to be a 2nd ship that is built along the lines of the SF-1. I find it entirely logical that post SW-1 they would have built additional ships to the specs of the SDF-1 considering how effective the original was. Having said that though, I would prefer for it to be the original, even if they did build copies, because I want them to come up with a plausible well written story for explaining how and why it is there. These questions to me, along with what it was we caught a glimpse of that appears to have disabled Alto's fighter, are the big questions I want them to explain plausibly. If it is the SDF-1 and they explain it satisfactorily, I will be happy. If it isn't the SDF-1 and they explain it satisfactorily I will still be happy, just less happy. For me, the most complelling argument for it being THE Macross is this is a 25th anniversary show, and it would be a nice nod to the original. -Adam
  11. Looks great... Where's the boosters though??? -Adam
  12. There are curved scribing templates available out there. Squadron.com has some I believe. If there is a cheaper alternative, I would be interested to hear abot it as well. I have my own Starfury to tackle as well as an EA-6B. -Adam
  13. During my seven years in the Navy I saw plenty of jets with white intakes, but all of the exhausts were a bare metal. Any chance you were thinking backwards n the foot thrusters. -Adam
  14. Oddly enough, it looks more like jetfire without the heatshield. -Adam
  15. Look closely at the assembly instructions and try and figure out what the minimum amount of construction you can do on any given part is. Ideally you want to build, fill and sand prior to painting if at all possible. Sub assemblies are your friend. I haven't even looked at the VF-0s battroid, but I know the Valkyrie is able to be built up into smaller compoents that can then be asembled once painted. Take a look at WMCheng's buildups on this forum to see what I mean. If it is the battroid try and build up the individual components such as the legs, then fill sand prime and paint those items before combining inot the completed craft. -Adam
  16. The larger the tank, the longer you will be able to spray between refills. If you go with a smaller tank, the compressor will run longer. Also, ther is a chance the compressor won't have enough volume to run the airbrush without first filling the tank. Odds are, with a 10 gallon tank, you can run the compressor for about 10-15 mins to fill the tank, and then shut it off, and run on the volume stored in the tank. You could fill it during daytime hours and when it won't disturb anyone, and then use it quietly in the house until you are out of air. 10 gallons should be ore than enough to handle most airbrushing jobs. Alternatively, and this is dependent on your comfort lefel doing plumbing, you can purchase a separate portable 5 gallon tank that you fill at the compressor during the day, and then drag that inside to use. You would need a few worth of fittings if you go that route. This, BTW, is what I am intending to do this spring so that I can airbrush quietly inside the house. Just be aware that 5 galons isn't nearly as much air as you might think. -Adam
  17. Umm... He did swap the colors.... Looks great. -Adam
  18. Option 1 looks like a test bed. Option 2 looks like a character fighter, Max's to be specific... Option 3 looks like a common/general production model... I would go with 1 or 3. Adam
  19. Try Michigan Toy Soldier... -Adam
  20. They serve two purposes. 1. As tie down chain connection points/ 2. As reaction control/maneuvering thrusters while operating in a vacuum.
  21. Color me interested Mike... If it is cast half as well as the raptor was, it will be awesome. -Adam
  22. Ooopss... That'll teach me to check scale next time.... -Adam
  23. There is currently one lisyed in the for sale section of the board... -Adam
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