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  1. A very graceful display and surprisingly quiet.. It is hard to imagine that such a large plane can turn so easily while it appears to fly slowly.
  2. The A380plus ground display. This lady is huge.
  3. I visited Le Bourget this year but until now I didn't have time to sort the pictures I took. F35 ground crew takes care of the aircraft after the very, very loud demonstration flight.
  4. THe two planes looked fairly impressive when I saw it at Leeuwarden AFB. I hope the F35 is the new F16 for the 21st century, but I fear it's the new F104...
  5. It's the price of anime originals. Without established/quality source material the writers tend to fall back on cookie cutter character templates. It's not bad for business either, fetishes for every demographic. Hayate is a gerwalk/battroid specialist with fancy moves though, it's just that he is an inexperienced (fighter) pilot. The song restored his confidence and allowed him the focus to use his strengths (switching to gerwalk/battroid in mid air). The moves were all his.
  6. The tech guy at the Resistance meeting called it a hyper lightspeed weapon so the beams do appear to travel through hyper space. That said, the whole super weapon subplot is a bit lame and detracts from the movie. I feel an inverted Hoth scenario with the First Order defending would have fit the scale of the movie better.
  7. Felt this episode was a bit of a hamfisted attempt at social commentary with Zygons as a stand in for Muslims in the UK.
  8. Indeed, the only shows that break the cour format are long running daytime or primetime shows, not much mecha in that slot unless it's a Bandai or Takara Tomy toy property. The tone of the new series will be related to the format and broadcasting time. Daytime (weekend morning) or early evening -> young kids and tweens (Macross 7, Gundam Age, Gundam Seed). Late night slot -> otaku audience aka teens and twenty somethings (Macross Frontier, Gundam 00). Stuff like Unicorn, Macross Plus or Zero etc is pretty much reserved for OVA. Yamato 2199 did make it to TV, but that is a bit of an exception. So the poison is either simple content or loads of otaku tropes .
  9. Just watched girls und panzer and that's the plot to the letter. Not that I mind though, it's simple feel good fare and the predicability is just part of the charm..oh and it has tanks!
  10. Risa Ebata was the character designer for both Frontier and AK0048, another more recent anime original by Satelight, so good chance she will do the character designs for the new Macross. Her style is not my cup of tea, so I'm hoping for someone else.
  11. Had a Golf V GTI for a few years. Nice little car with solid handling, had some minor trouble with electronics.
  12. The animation is very good for a TV show. The art style is just not very refined or smooth.
  13. Eureka 7 is an incredible mecha show. Love the Max and Millia hommage with Charles and Ray.
  14. It remains a difficult subject. Sometimes it doesn't pay to play by the book. Paid streaming services don't cover everything new, especially outside the States. I use a VPN tunnel to at least get the full range of crunchyroll, animax UK and netflix. Still, inch by inch, we are getting closer to the point where we can legally watch all weekly shows: http://animecalendar.net/
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