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  1. I've added two more items... and also lowered the YF-21. Again prices include shipping! Bump!!!!
  2. I would really like to move the rest of these so prices that are listed includes Shipping and Handling... so...................... Bump!
  3. Getting rid of more things before X-Mas! I'm no longer attached to these toys and I just do not have any time for them anymore. Trying to price these as low as possible to get them sold asap! Those of you who have dealt with me in the past, you know my motto. I would prefer to sell these locally if possible and locals do get dibs. I'm located in Orange County, CA. I do not mind shipping these in the lower 48s but I will need a few days to get boxes to fit them properly after the sale. Real important... Please ask all questions before you commit to buy. Prices do NOT include S&H an
  4. Hey guys, I'm back again trying to clear out more inventory. I hate letting these go but priorities are priorities. I've sold many times here and I am a legit seller. I also will give better deals if you buy multiples. For now I'm only willing to ship to lower 48 states... so prices do NOT include S&H. I reserve the right to sell locally first if there are local buyers in the Orange County area. This helps me in not having to go through with getting a box and proper fillers in order to get these out. These boxes are big so it is not cheap to ship them out as most of you are aware.
  5. Hey guys,,, trying to unload a few more things. I couldn't find my old thread from over a year ago so I'm just starting a new one again. I'm willing to ship these out at the buyer's expense so prices do not include shipping & handling. Just know that if there is a local buyer who does want this, then I reserve the right to sell it to them if I have not received payment from the interested party. At this time I'm only willing to ship to the lower 48 states... but it doesn't hurt to ask . I live in Orange County, CA if there in case there is someone interested in picking these up. I
  6. Thread has been updated as to what's left and all PMs have been replied to. At this point,,, I am willing to ship out the rest to anywhere within the US. Please PM me for information.
  7. In all the times that I've used USPS priority I don't think I've ever sent one of these out at only 5-7 bux. If it was something small like a deluxe transformers, then I can see that happening.
  8. Some pics are up... still combing through my collection to find the other toys listed on here. The 1A hikkie & max and PG wings are on hold for someone for today... so no pics on them for now.
  9. Not a dumb question.... The PGs are not built. I prefer to keep them this way as it's still mint and untouched.
  10. I'm trying to avoid shipping if at all possible. I know it's a double edge sword as it's working against me in selling these but if I do consider shipping the item, I'll use UPS ground with a tracking number. For now it's locals who gets the first crack. You can keep in touch with me through PM if you're still interested.
  11. Thanx! I appreciate it... it's been a while since I've been on. So many new faces here. Miss the good old days.
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