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  1. seriously, are we doing this? thanks for the beautiful pics! and this valk is gorgeous!
  2. multiples! i'm not hatin' over a few mm's... like f1/lewis nonesense...
  3. word... is it some sort of notion we hold onto because it's status quo? like we think diecast is always better... for some detailing and such, i'd argue it's not. for durability and load bearing... maybe yes. so is perfect transformations always the best? if we get one or 2 modes that's dope af, and the others are iffy?
  4. i'd love a set or 2 too!
  5. wait... what are we actually lookin' at here....!? make those parts and decals my friend! many of us will buy them!
  6. ordered one on play asia. haven't been able to log into the site in the last couple of days across browsers. anyone else having this issue? lil concerning...
  7. word, absolutely would love those!!! pls bandai pls! a little off topic, but as we're delving into the larger scale discussion. they did show us the reissued vf-25s (which seem successful) and i'd love all the editions with matte finishes. also, the yf-19 full set pack was shown at nycc last year right?.... fingers crossed
  8. sure, there's some precedence... i have zero metric data, but i really think the x-factor is that this would the very first dx / 1/48 scale versions. maybe beyond 1st releases, who knows how well they'll do. but i do think the initial batch esp the ostrich will do very well. again, totally biased and anecdotal pov.
  9. hey bandai, if you're listening... with the various retooling i image would be needed, and not sure what the roi would be... seems like dx vt-1 and ve-1 would $$$ell!
  10. oh hell yeah! have we ever seen a 1/48 / dx scale in either of these?
  11. yes, there's talk they might be ny resurrected, but if so... they also treat me well
  12. man, so beautiful! blue stand is so dope!
  13. going live at genki soon: https://hobby-genki.com/en/dx-chogokin/13282-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immerman-machine-macross-delta-the-movie-4573102649676.html
  14. it's from sahra... see the shipping on that bird?
  15. haul from ae yesterday! so excited!
  16. i really love all the tampo and panel lining applied to the jetfire livery. how are we all feeling about the very metallic red? i'm on the fence. i have 2 coupe order, so i'll see in person once they get here
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