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  1. i know this is a bit of old news (or request)... but i haven't been on in so long. is there any leads on how to get this armor without giving a kidney??? it's become my holy grail...
  2. yeah, clearly since frontier the mech design is definitely appealing to that 'i don't give a f...' part of my lil nerd brain! i can dig it...
  3. man, the artist side of me wants to say this is too busy, but damn the fan side of me says 'that's amazing!!!!'
  4. yes, i always drool at a safe distance...
  5. links were super helpful! great community here!
  6. nice on cdjapan for not adding salt to the wounds
  7. delight, disappointment, and dopamine!!! congrats y'all!
  8. got a confirm email from amiami
  9. hlj hlj!!! https://hlj.com/product/BANS55138/Act
  10. oooh np is crashing hard!
  11. yay!!! got mine at amiami!!!
  12. oh yeah, this is just primer. just standard weapons, super packs, and gbp armor will probably all be different product offerings... oh and vf-1s, etc, etc... history repeats with what yamato/arcadia did with their 1/48s... save up boys and girls!
  13. cool, thanks! ~nervously wringing hands...
  14. is staying on 'vf-1j' search results pages, and refreshing not a good strategy...?
  15. pics have already been posted from the product tamashii details page. but here it is! she's so purtty! http://tamashii.jp/item/12634/?wovn=en
  16. ah yeah, release says friday. stand down... i'm too old for this $#lT!!! ok, maybe never...!
  17. that's what i thought. i'm always working late. i'm up and i'm checking
  18. so yeah, not tonight in half an hour? isn't already 3:30pm thursday in japan???
  19. cool, thanks again guys!
  20. ah, got it. just found it strange that there's no listing at all for some of the retail sites. unlike the yf-19 that atleast had the listing, and the call to action didn't go live until it was time. also fyi, a buddy of mine sent a note to hlj. not sure if they're being coy... but they're acting like they have no idea what's going on and if they're gonna get any... i'll still be stalking them as well. happy huntings y'all!
  21. hey all, i don't often partake in some of the forum discussions. love macross and this vf-1j. only a casual buyer, so i only really buy from hlj, nippon, and ami ami. anyhow, i know this might be uncool to ask, but how can even go about trying to get a pre-order in on this? i can't see it anywhere (again hlj, nippon, all the usual suspects). no call to action on the chogokin page... https://tamashii.jp/special/macross/vf-1j/ anyhow, any help would be much appreciated. if not, i get it too. thanks ahead of time!
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