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  1. seems like the yf-19 is destined to be 'imperfect' in many ways... chunkiness, gullets, broken head lasers... cursed
  2. i'm so jealous! the 19 is gorgeous!
  3. awesome! thanks for the info guys. gettin on this tomorrow!
  4. hey apologies if this is a covered topic. i did a cursory search through but didn't see anything right away. i ordered an item from mandrake. they sent me the ems tracking, and it looks like the shipment has made it's way here to california. it's even been received by some post office (not sure exactly which one) here in my city, but it's sat there since the 12th. is this normal? any experience with this happening guys? thanks for any info ahead of time y'all!
  5. anybody heard of solaris japan? looks like they still got the vf-1j, tho a bit pricey... https://solarisjapan.com/products/macross-vf-1j-valkyrie-ichijou-hikaru-machine-dx-chogokin-1-48-bandai
  6. loved those! i always found they never quite got the nose cone shape right tho. always turned down, instead of the distinctive profile shape of the valks we know and love
  7. yes, the armor pack is a practice in excessiveness!
  8. actually just ordered it... just for freakin' clothes on my vf... pffff....
  9. i know this is a bit of old news (or request)... but i haven't been on in so long. is there any leads on how to get this armor without giving a kidney??? it's become my holy grail...
  10. yeah, clearly since frontier the mech design is definitely appealing to that 'i don't give a f...' part of my lil nerd brain! i can dig it...
  11. man, the artist side of me wants to say this is too busy, but damn the fan side of me says 'that's amazing!!!!'
  12. yes, i always drool at a safe distance...
  13. links were super helpful! great community here!
  14. nice on cdjapan for not adding salt to the wounds
  15. delight, disappointment, and dopamine!!! congrats y'all!
  16. got a confirm email from amiami
  17. hlj hlj!!! https://hlj.com/product/BANS55138/Act
  18. oooh np is crashing hard!
  19. yay!!! got mine at amiami!!!
  20. oh yeah, this is just primer. just standard weapons, super packs, and gbp armor will probably all be different product offerings... oh and vf-1s, etc, etc... history repeats with what yamato/arcadia did with their 1/48s... save up boys and girls!
  21. cool, thanks! ~nervously wringing hands...
  22. is staying on 'vf-1j' search results pages, and refreshing not a good strategy...?
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