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  1. i have ordered from mykombini. they always seem to come through. i like them, big in japan, anime export, okini land, hobby search, ami ami (but their site has been acting funky on all my browsers). gonna avoid nin nin and ny like the plague. just my thoughts
  2. they owe me 4 super packs from an order last july. even paid for additional shipping since ems is no longer avail. it's all radio silence from them... until now, they were reliable. but now, i'll never order from them again....
  3. also available at anime export: https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=51951 bij https://www.biginjap.com/en/completed-models/25535-macross-dx-chogokin-armored-parts-set-for-vf-1j.html stock at both goes in and out
  4. oh damn!!! this is so helpful. many thanks borgified and everyone! and of course, should've checked with anymoon! duh...
  5. cool, thanks for the info. but yeah that sucks. and looks like only the vf-31c super parts has the reaction type missiles. it's all gonna be pricey!
  6. damn, that's a beautiful bird! did they ever make super parts for the a? i saw pics but can't track any down... like anywhere...
  7. had to submit 3 help tickets. finally got a change shipment method. prior to the pandemic i opted for jppost, which is no longer valid. so finally got the option to pay for upgraded shipping. which i did right away. 3 business days and 2 weekend days... and counting...
  8. no worries. always working, and leaving their listing pages or macross dx (or something applicable) search results pages open in the bg. if something turns up, i'll do my best to capture it and give a heads up.
  9. i got one through ae (sorta in a panic last night), but my 3 buddies ordered one each from hobby digi. being an hk shop i guess makes me feel less nervous. only empirical instincts there. i'm sure many of the other shops we're all used to will open up orders tonight
  10. hope you don't get in trouble with your wife. we all have to thread that needle to some degree... ya can still snag one here: https://www.hobbydigi.com/en_us/jp-ver-bandai-dx-chogokin-action-figure-vf-1d-valkyrie-fan-racer-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross also, i contacted hobby denki, ae, okini, hobby search, and big in japan. they've all confirmed they'll have the D. a couple have already posted, and the others... will probably do so tonight or soon! good luck homie!
  11. wow... 296usd plus another 96 for ups, without dhl option... they're crazy
  12. just so insanely well done!
  13. yeah, this is truly un-ethical biz practices, but whatevs...
  14. yeah, my first from okini came in about two and half days. still open too y'all...
  15. just got another from okini for 311.17 with dhl to california. seems decent at the moment
  16. hi fine folks at genki! will you also be carrying the vf-1d being preordered on xmas eve? good to see you guys here!
  17. looking ahead at the vf-1d up for preorder on xmas eve. when it's a web exclusive, how are we in the states going to be able to snag one? are any retailers like big in japan, mykombini, anime export, or any others going to somehow carry it? correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't the 2nd release of the super set also a web exclusive, which are currently available from the mentioned retailers right now? many thanks guys!
  18. much like the sneaker game, and many others... the bots are descending...
  19. got one from nin nin and okini. same exact packaging
  20. yeah good luck for sure!
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