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  1. more pics of the armors, if ya haven't seen them yet: http://www.gokin.it/2022/06/19/news-e-anteprime-bandai-vf-31ax-armor-parts-set-hayate-immelman-macross-δ-movie-absolute-live-dx-chogokin-2/
  2. has there been any solid news or movement on these additional packs? saw the line art early on, but that seems to have been it right? of course other than the hayate supers that were presold
  3. nice! thanks for the info. i also preordered the mirage from them. they're pretty responsive. they even have a calendar for when they'll be in the office with golden week going on. hopefully, they'll get a mirage or 2 out the door! (tho it might be stuck in some shipping limbo with the week off)
  4. anyone have experience with yoyaku now? i ordered the mirage and the 29 from them... fingers crossed! https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/robots/11869-dx-chogokin-yf-29-durandal-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-custom-full-set-pack.html
  5. no kiddin'... i'll pick up any dx vf-1 as an aside, what do you guys think the odds of dx versions of the elintseeker and/or super ostrich actually ever happening? was there ever any news or speculation to fume about?
  6. just sayin... if anyone missed out on the first run. i picked up a couple more. i usually use manda for aftermarket, but they are asking for 42k... yikes
  7. apologies if this was supposed to go into the 'po' thread... sort of a grey area. looks like another batch of dx vf-1j's have turned up. there's not an official 're-release' from bandai is there? anyhow, another chance to take crack maybe: https://hobby-genki.com/en/macross/3896-dx-chogokin-first-press-limited-edition-vf-1j-valkyrie-hikaru-ichijyou-machine-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross-4573102551382.html
  8. i feel ya man... waiting on 4 myself! 😔
  9. yeah, i haven't heard back. they have my super parts on my orders page, but not the valk. i'm about to abandon and go with another option. i emailed them them again describing the problem, but no response. it's also now sold out on their site. ah well, they had my money!
  10. hey wm, i ran into the same thing with ae. i also checked my orders page, and there was nothing in any of the categories. i did this twice, so i might have 2 orders in. i submitted an email help ticket, and just waiting for them to get into the office tonight, our time. which is morning/afternoon in japan (if they're actually located there). if it doesn't go through, i'm gonna stalk mandarake some more or put an order in with luna park (maybe) lemme know if ya have any luck and i will too!
  11. yeah not sure. a few days ago my armor parts alone asked for 44k in additional shipping. then last night the combo set turned up, i activated shipping and ae says it's packing now. they might hit me up for more later. no gouge surprises me anymore... 😅
  12. super funny! and congrats!
  13. i'm in same exact situation as you. would love to hear how things go for you, and good luck!
  14. my advise is be patient and not desperate. much much more reputable shops that have (almost) always come through: >> mandarake: they'll list when the items come into stock, with a bit of the market price (but always very very reasonable) and mark up. but always dependable: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/listPage/list?keyword=macross dx&lang=en >> hobby digi: still have yet to post their listing. have had the s and d for for a long time. i've only heard good things from them. not personal experience: https://www.hobbydigi.com/en_us/catalogsearch/result/?q=macross >> sugo: seems like a co-signment. got the roy a month or 2 after, but consistently delivered to at least 3 folks i know: https://sugotoys.com.au/product/bandai-soul-of-chogokin-macross-1-48-vf-1jap-compatible-armoured-parts-set/ do as you must, but personally... i'd rather not perpetuate bad behavior...
  15. def buy at your own risk. until my super pack catastrophe, i've order a valk or 2 from them in the past. always came through (tho with a good mark up), but now they're sitting on close to a 1g of my money. with absolute radio silence... and yet they still keep taking preorders with stock they cannot seem to promise...
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