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  1. in stock at genki if anyone still needs one: https://hobby-genki.com/en/dx-chogokin/28238-dx-chogokin-yf-21-gard-gore-bowman-machine-macross-plus-4573102655165.html
  2. anime export: https://anime-export.com/index.php?product=81052
  3. bay area problems (challenges)...
  4. looks like a few more 21's opened up at yoyaku if anyone is interested. looks like the jpn release date still of june? whereas the usa release dates seems like it'll be august 2024. most likely about 30-40ish will be added from the base price. https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/robots/20615-dx-chogokin-yf-21-guld-goa-bowman-custom.html
  5. where would be without your reviews!? amazing work as always!
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