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  1. Nice. I wouldn't shell out $700 for it, though. Looks like i'll stick with my kiddie mattel tumbler for now
  2. Yay! got a new avatar! WTF!!!! loved the sound boosters.Why must they make us wait so long for the next episode?!
  3. Necron_99

    The Big Escape

    That is freaking cool!!!
  4. I just got chills wait, now i gotta buy a psp!? oh well.
  5. Has anyone seen Moonlight Mile yet? I've been hearing good things about this lately. Right now i'm watching Samurai Champloo. Great series so far.
  6. YES!!! Awesome gimmick! Damn you Yamato for taking all my monies...
  7. Do I have to watch Z before I watch Char's Counterattack? UC Gundams I have seen so far : Gundam 0079 Movie trilogy 08th MS team Stardust Memory War in the Pocket
  8. It reminds me of those fan-made Star Wars movies where they film out of thier garages
  9. It depends on the phone. My cell has a nifty little 2 gig SD card that I download the song onto, put the card into my phone then, voila! It's on my phone I just set the eyecatch tune for my ringtone
  10. Great pics, Swoosh, as always. I eagerly await your YF-21 pics!
  11. That's beautiful I must now get all the new 1/60's.
  12. Great job, Rockhound. If my models looked half as good as yours, I wouldn't have to spend all my money on toys
  13. I was going to go see this tonite, but I bought tickets for Iron Man again. I'll wait until this shows up on Netflix.
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