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  1. UGLIEST. MUSTANG. EVER. But I guess it's for a good cause, but AV8R?? Really??
  2. WOOHOOO!!!! About friggin time...
  3. He was probably referring to those GNU or 1/200 figures that Yamato put out. That makes me sad
  4. QFT! I already got rid of all my 1/48's, with the exception of my Strike Roy
  5. Thanks for another great review, Jenius. I'm still wating for mine to come in
  6. I was disappointed by that cut as well. Another scene I wish they left in was when Shinji was on the escalator reading his Nerv handbook on his way to meet Unit-01, and he passes by Unit-01's hand floating in LCL behind him.
  7. I was supposed to go see this opening weekend, but The Dark Knight was too full of win. I had to go see it again! I'll catch it this weekend....I hope
  8. YES. I grew up in SF, and somehow I ended up in South Texas I get the usual comments about the "gay" area, surfing and sushi.
  9. I would like to thank Jardann , errr, mustang1 for being great buyers. Thanks again, guys!
  10. *sigh* I really need to take a Japanese language class one of these days.. I hate waiting for subs
  11. I voted for my 1/48 VF-1S strike. I'm thinning out my collection right now, and this is the only one that I will not part with. and my soon-to-be 1/60 VF-1S strike!
  12. Nice. Starcraft 2 and now Diablo 3. Starcraft and Diablo 2 are probably my favroite pc games.
  13. I really hope so. I NEED those ones
  14. Does anyone know when the version of "Don't be late" that was featured on the all that VF commercial is going to be released? I love that one
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