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  1. Each or for both?
  2. Psychodynamix shared it to me. Yeah been on there for years before Marvel blew up. I was more a DC guy back then hunting Kato suits and Adam Gu heads. 😅
  3. Don’t know. My orders are all paid off. But as far as getting new orders I don’t think I’ll be going to them anymore and just pay the extra to get it earlier. The info you gave me really left a bad taste in my mouth. To even pull the copyright move of TWL pictures that they took themselves to avoid issues is a dick move. Ill be ordering from TWL for future purchases. In the end it’s up to the consumer to purchase whatever they want with their own money. I’ve never done the payment plan with TWL but might give it a shot. BTW the guy they’re talking about the custom stands, he’s known on the other forum. I didn’t know they went after him too.
  4. Rumor has it after Thor, Iron Patriot is next before Hulk… excited.
  5. There’s one on eBay of sideshow does not replace it. Kinda expensive though .
  6. I wonder how many people have cancelled orders and request refunds AND if sideshow refunds the customers who paid off their figures. Sideshow will probably no refund the deposits but what would be bad is them either withholding the refund or just issue credit to keep the customers tied to them 🤷‍♂️
  7. Nice! I’d still try and reach out to sideshow and see if they can just send you another chest piece for the 85
  8. On the fourth one they tried. Saying that the blemishes were normal part of the figure and that they are consistent on what they’ve received from hot toys. My response was there is nowhere in the description that it was a “weathered” gold color iron man. So if they were not gonna replace it, I wanted a complete refund and was gonna go to toyswonderland or other company. They sent 4th one after I told them the go ahead and to inspect it before sending it out or I would return it. Long and behold I got a mint one Thor is out!! So basically gotta pick up rescue then just wait for hulk and iron Patriot
  9. Thanks for that link. I was right about them repacking. My freaking Midas took 4 returns before I got one mint. I have paid all my preorders for the avenger line. Time to move onto other sellers and just eat the full price up front.
  10. So these won’t be available for preorder after 7/25? It’s ok if not like it won’t be available anywhere else on release 2023 lol So basically create a panic to have people pre order something that won’t be here for another 2yrs.
  11. Damn looks like Sideshow did a cease and desist against ToyWonderland
  12. Updated what’s pending and uploaded more pics. Finally got them out of storage.
  13. I pmed everyone back. Waiting on your replies. I know shipping was a concern but I do combine shipping and if you get multiple items I can see what I can do 😄
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