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  1. Tried the baking soda mix didn’t remove the yellowing, the vinegar and paint thinner also didn’t work but I noticed the plastic is actually cracked right down the middle I may just leave it at this point. Has anyone seen the Zhongtian MB Exia R3 on GMC? Contemplating on picking it up but the base says “GONOnM EXIA” 🤨. Users on bilibili says it uses the MC mold. https://youtu.be/FSGKCn1zK0c
  2. I'll give it a shot. Thanks 😀
  3. Oops forgot to clarify it's the Pledge with future floor gloss formula. I'm airbrushing it at 15 PSI after cleaning my brush with paint thinner and it still causes the orange peel effect. I may have to take the whole thing apart and do a deep clean 🤔. Thanks Ah okay, I've been using 15 PSI and doing 1 coat. I'll try lowering it to 12 and doing multiple coats. Thanks.
  4. Anyone had success with pledge as a clear coat before decal and panel lining? It always comes out way too orange peeled texture for me, and the tutorials I've read says to spray it right out the bottle.
  5. I'm using Safari on iOS and I can't send PMs. I can reply once I send the initial one on my computer, but can never send the first one.
  6. Did you figure it out? I have the same issue
  7. lol that explains it, I was trying to leave feedback for an item I bought
  8. Started watching D_cide Traumerei, not really hooked enough to continue after the 2nd ep.
  9. Trying to finish my IBO MRS collection, but the prices for a second hand Vidar is just ridiculous. I paid 300 for a used lupus rex and honestly it was not worth anywhere near that with the loose joints.
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