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  1. Finally finished up my custom 1/60 Yamato Q-Rau Tv version!! I'm pretty happy how it turned out.
  2. Looking for an Arcadia New or used VF-0s. Doesn't matter as long as it's complete. Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a couple items up for sale. Everything is in excellent condition and was kept in my display case. Bandai - Queadluun Rare - $25 SOLD Toynami - 1/55 Masterpiece Roy VF-1S #13149 of 15,000 - $150 Toynami - 1/100 GBP Roy VF-1S - $45 1/100 GBP Rick VF-1J - $45 1/100 GBP Max VF-1J - $45 SOLD
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    MP VF-1S

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    From the album: MP VF-1S

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    From the album: MP VF-1S

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    From the album: MP VF-1S

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    From the album: MP VF-1S

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    From the album: MP VF-1S

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    Hanger Diorama

    I'm looking to do a hanger diorama with a couple of my 1/60 Yammie valks. I wanted to see if any body out there has any recommendations on what to use for the hanger? I was looking at the white catapult hanger from the gundam series, but it looks too small for 1/60. Let me know what you've used.
  11. I bought the 3 pack of Roy, Rick, and Max 1/100 toynami's with the GBP and it was the worst purchase ever. The build quality absolutely horrendous. Arms and legs fall off for no reason. GBP is loose and falls off. Needless to say they didn't didn't make the cut in my display case and will be sold off very soon. At this point, if I had to choose from toynami's 1/100's or Arii's 15th anniversary non transforming valks, I'd take the Arii. At least parts don't fall off.
  12. Does anyone know where I could pick up Hayao's V2 1/60 TV type valk at? Or is anybody want to sell theirs? Looking on eBay and amazon and I don't see any.
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