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  1. #101 is up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-101-hsjwym101 Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!
  2. That's great to hear. They shipped a replacement part for my minmay with my misa order and, although it took close to a year, they kept their word on it and I didn't have to remind them about it at all.
  3. Could I ask who makes that guyver?? I need that in my life!
  4. It's a milestone! #100 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-100-hsjwym100
  5. Hachette Issue #099 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-099-hsjwym099
  6. Hachette Issue #098 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/search/?q=hachette+yamato+%23098
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience @Grey728. It's a good thing that you ordered from BBTS and that they are helping out!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Hachette Issue #097 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-097-hsjwym097
  9. Hachette Issue #096 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-096-hsjwym096
  10. Hachette Issue #095 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-095-hsjwym095
  11. Hachette Issue #094 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-094-hsjwym094
  12. I'm not certain but I think someone was able to purchase a replacement leg from Nippon Yasan. It could be worth a shot. Sorry to hear about that ebay purchase. I think I had my eye on the same listing. Didn't the seller say they checked and that it came with the correct set of legs?
  13. Hachette Issue #093 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/science-fiction/science-fiction-related-books-magazines/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-093-hsjwym093
  14. Big thanks to @Corrinaldfor a smooth transaction and fast shipping!
  15. Beautiful! Thanks for the write up and paint colors that you used!
  16. Hachette Issue #092 is up on HLJ. https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-092-hsjwym092
  17. Glad 85 came in @oshanmacross! How long did it take HLJ to order the back issue? Hachette issue #91 is up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/space-battleship-yamato-2202-1-350-yamato-weekly-magazine-091-hsjwym091
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