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  1. man, those look great! Definitely awesome to have such a great resource and talented members!
  2. I'd be happy to have just 1 Tread regardless of which color it was
  3. Big thanks to @technoblueand @Anasazi37 for smooth transactions and excellent communication. Both items were amazingly packaged and shipped quickly.
  4. I think it is missing the price/condition for the Legioss I need to get my eyes checked
  5. Ohh yes I really like the sdf-1 silhouettes. I think personally for me I would like a red kite logo.
  6. Same, I would love some decals for the car.
  7. Thank you for the links everyone!
  8. Look s great! The phalanx is probably my favorite destroid. I hope it eventually comes out in HMR.
  9. Welcome back! I was getting worried we hadn't heard from you in a while. Glad you are well and looking forward to the next custom!
  10. Here you go, credits again to @peter
  11. ok, it's gotta be this one haha, that scratched an itch to search for something. Awesome shots by @peter
  12. Same, it's probably my favorite design. I hope Bandai makes them eventually!
  13. I'm loving the releases so far for 0083 but I'm also hoping that Bandai finishes out 0080 as well. There's still a few notable ones missing from that line.
  14. I'd be interested in this as well. I hope the website is back up soon!
  15. I have a copy of it. I believe it's credits to @wm cheng Here's the link, please let me know if it works! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MOkpiKUpUIXJS32K2gI2M5OB4lK2zsj0/view?usp=sharing Also, this is a great thread for his custom:
  16. Get well soon! Here's hoping more Roys show up.
  17. Thanks for the review @jenius. Looking forward to the transformation guide!
  18. Dang, I was not expecting this set to be released so soon! Hopefully more will pop up at other stores.
  19. Roy's VF-1S TV https://sp.tamashii.jp/item/13309/ And I think you would also like the voltes v over on the soul of chogokin thread!
  20. Nope, no news yet on a PO for it. Welcome back!
  21. Same, I am not getting any new notifications on the threads that I am subscribed to.
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