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  1. Falcon's such a high cost up front due to the wings that he should be possible to release as-is, like Thanos. The price to beat seems to be $80 or so, since Thanos is $81 and clears it on his own but the $50-ish smaller figures need added accessories to bump them over that price point.
  2. MB Levy has a release date now, June 30th. http://tamashii.jp/item/12472/?wovn=en
  3. Are people really surprised that Lando would nail anything with a pulse, and probably some things without? It's Billie Dee Williams in a cape, of course he'd nail anything and everything. Pretty sure Billie Dee himself made a joke at a convention that Han and Lando were boning and that's how Lando ended up wearing Han's clothes in Return of the Jedi. Of all the reasons to hate a movie I'm not sure that a writer noting that Lando's sexual appetites would put Kirk to shame should be on that list at all. Han and Lando being ex's would explain so damn much of their interactions we see in ESB and RotJ anyways.
  4. Pretty sure it already started. It's web exclusive, so you'll need to find it at the appropriate place that deals in those. edit: Oh, I'm an idiot and parsed the question wrong. Uh, unknown given the original Hulkbuster had already sold out by this point and had a second run announced and sold out. Probably one of those sooner rather than later things though given the size and complexity.
  5. Just got my NT-1 Alex in today and dear lord am I in love with this thing. Bring on the Kaempfer, Hygogg, and Z'Gok-E at this quality.
  6. Invisible War is going through the remaining material really briskly, and apparently skipped an entire book or two while having rolled some of the few significant elements of them into this or previously into Second Raid (like ending the Tessa/Kaname/Sousuke love triangle thing that was sort of kind of maybe happening) for the sake of it. That and I think this show is only actually a single cour? So 4 eps down, 8 or 9 remaining to get through the rest of the current book material as I understand it.
  7. Those are the effects parts from the Lambda Driver version Robot Damashii Arbalest. Best equivalent would probably be using bootleg Tamashii fire effects, since those come in about the right shade of blue (among a lot of other colors) and are fairly cheap to get.
  8. Having mine in hand now this thing is amazing and wonderful. Oddly enough the one thing about it that confuses me is that the lambda driver cooling fins on the back are plastic, not metal.
  9. Got my payment notice from HLJ a little earlier too. Weird that it took until now, usually they fire off payment requests first thing in the morning the day the item comes out in Japan.
  10. HLJ should wake up and do their payment processing around 3-4 PM Eastern. That's been their pattern for a while, they do it first thing in the morning on the day of release. It's still 10 PM on the 20th over there at the moment, release date is the 21st.
  11. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    They don't come with hardpoint equipped wings, so sadly that last part isn't happening without more modifications. I actually dug the parts baggie out for mine just to make sure of that because I couldn't remember for sure if they did or not. If they did I'd probably have thrown some missiles on 'em and pretended it was going Wild Weaseling or something.
  12. Bummer. Still might get the 102F for my single battroid valk, a CF VF-1A but the lack of the full set of options is rather unfortunate.
  13. Does anyone know if they're providing all the optional pieces with each order or are there only set configurations and you have to buy an entire other armor set for different configurations of the back booster and arm mounted components? My guess is on the latter based on the pictures on the website.
  14. The transformation is complex when you deal with it at first, but just taking it slow and using a transformation video along with the instructions to figure out just how you're supposed to move things and position between steps makes it quite tolerable. Can have some paint chipping issues in a few precise areas due to the complexity and low clearance room of parts. But it's a transforming Draken and it looks gorgeous as a fighter and I absolutely love the gerwalk mode of it, which is the only mode I wanted it for. The Lil' Draken parts might be costly to get by now, and it definitely feels like there's something missing if you don't at least have those missile launcher packs for the legs.
  15. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    April 2nd is Bandai Day, Super Ostrich is included as previously announced. http://tamashii.jp/item_announced/
  16. Amazon still has Bluefin stock available for pre-order at $250, normal retail.
  17. We'd already seen Cherno Alpha being a slow, plodding brick while Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon were faster and more agile, and Striker Eureka was improved still over them. Why wouldn't new, mk 6 Jaegers be faster and more agile, particularly in what seems to be a time where they can truly focus on refining designs rather than just throwing out whatever the hell they can make as soon as possible?
  18. The Metal Build Arbalest got pushed back by a month to April, on another MB FMP related note.
  19. The Kurogane Finish Big O is gorgeous. I love mine, but I haven't taken any pictures of it.
  20. With Bandai stuff you're going to get mostly to full color matching and snap-fit construction. At worst you'll get stickers for details and maybe the knives won't have color separation from the hilt, but they've gotten better about that sort of thing too. No way of knowing for sure until they come out and someone shows the sprues, but that's what you can expect based on their other lines of models.
  21. I've got my SoC Gipsy Danger pre-ordered through Amazon, which pushed back its expected delivery from late Feb/Early March to late March/early April. Like April 2nd is the specific, projected delivery date. I'd expect BBTS is getting Bluefin stock same as Amazon is.
  22. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Once you've done it once or twice the transformation is solid and easy. Main trick is knowing to get the leg swing bar down before trying to transform the arms for fighter mode, and knowing how to finangle the joints of that arm mechanism to do that easily.
  23. It happens, but with no set rhyme or reason to it. With the loss of FigInStock it'll be even harder to know exactly when it does, too.
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