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  1. My god. It finally finished. 42 god forsaken minutes into this ordeal, the first 15 spent just trying to FIND the item and the rest spent struggling with being unable to check out.
  2. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Only real issue I've heard of with the VF-2SS figures is the FAST Packs equivalent (SAP?) having sprue marks on some parts that are really obvious. There's few true locking mechanisms to the leg and arm joints, so you'll have to fiddle with things to get them right in the various modes. Joints are nice and solid, the figure itself looks gorgeous and basically does the best job you could hope for at its scale of making anime magic happen.
  3. Huh. Metal-Build-ish Huckebein wasn't something I expected to show up out of nowhere. Neat.
  4. If you were even 5 minutes later you missed it. It just plain broke multiple websites and was out at those and the others within 5 minutes of going up.
  5. Their website in general seems kind of awful now. It seems to load everything else then pull the item info separately to display, yet is so slow that it takes a while to do this or just straight up fails to.
  6. 3 PM Japanese time, which would be 2 AM Eastern. Just a bit under an hour and a half if amiami's time is right. Well, it also shows it as "reservations closed" and someone on MFC was saying they'd already opened and sold out. I'd be happy to be wrong, but if nothing else the confusion between title and release date info is kind of odd.
  7. It only seems to be the one company doing things in 1/72 for some reason.
  8. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    They have zero actual effect on anything. Why even waste the effort to complain about them?
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