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  1. Until the money for it is secured that means very little. Things get dropped all the time in the movie industry. The last big one I know of was for an adaptation of "At the mountain of Madness" which despite having a good director on helm with Guillermo del Toro and secured a interest by Tom Cruise to star, the thing just fell thru because no one was willing to put up the money to finance it. (Granted, movies by both the director and actor has been perceived as under performing of late at the box office, so that has to be factored in) It's most likely why the live-action Evangelion movie is in development hell as well.
  2. The YF-30 actually looks pretty good just by itself. I guess I'm just not a fan of it's FAST pack.
  3. So the printing was delayed for the digital release, or the other way around? edit: I mean we all know about Mikimoto and his eternal battle with deadlines. But with it's digital release, it's easier to upload that chapter up than it is to print out all the books with it in it. So I guess they waited till they had the book printed and shipped first before uploading into Comicwalker? The manga industry and it's inner workings are still a mystery to me, and may be better that way if it is as tough(and not just for the artists but those in the offices, editors, managers...) as it's been hinted in various medias, articles, shows, etc.
  4. I'm thinking attachments, all over the place. The darn valks are going to resemble flying swiss army knives.
  5. I'm fine with either with the exception of the VF-1J, that one I prefer the tv version. The red and black scheme just don't look right to me.
  6. Yup, this. The way things are going it won't be too long before you no longer own the music and ebooks you bought online, merely the licence to use them like they're doing with games right now. Btw, for the VF-2SS, they make any mention of it's fast pack + drones? As nice as the standard version looks, most people recognize it with it's fast pack on. At least to me anyway.
  7. I have very very low expectations for this movie, if it gets made at all even though it is Sony that have taken up the licence for it. They're known to be quite stubborn and bloody minded with their acquired rights. Granted though that's more with things that have made them money, or know it would, and they had only just got this licence. Still I'm not expecting much even if it is made. Why? "G-Saviour"
  8. Sony tends to be a whole lot more bloody minded so the fact they actually picked up the rights means that the chances they'd make it is a whole lot higher. Which to be fair, wasn't very high in my opinion in the first place. Problem is that they may throw together a quick and cheap job as well if it meant they get to keep the licences if need be, if that was part of the contract that is, who knows at the moment. As a result I rather not think about it too much.
  9. Well I can understand owning one, especially since you're really not playing to *win* at your own place. It's always been an open to the point that it's not a secret that Pachinko parlors are basically a sort of a gambling slot machine, a prettier and more engaging one at that. Which is why the bad maths used in the Macross one made it such a failure and not well regarded when they rolled out into the parlors. Hell I won't mind owning it myself. It'd be relaxing and *fun* to play with, which is why it's popular. People need a distraction after dealing with the drudge of a Japanese working day. And it's Macross to boot.
  10. Too bad the word is that Macross Pachinko was rubbish as well from those who actually play them. Something about the maths used in the game was bad or some such. Personally never tried it even though I could have when they were just introduced into the parlors, the places are a violent assault on the ears. I was unfortunate enough to be walking past one at an inopportune time once as the doors were opening and I felt like I got hit by an ear splitting explosion.
  11. Was it that popular enough they made a sequel for it? The original I can understand, EVOL was kinda nonsensical. I guess it seems that way. And from the Podcast we're gonna have to wait till March as well at the least to hear anything about Delta, when they announce some news about the idol auditions.
  12. The only thing that came to my mind looking at it is, "That's really big camera, there's another one on it's other hand. Must love cameras.."
  13. Great, now tell me why the lightsabers knows how to stop at the length it does when it's on. So anyways, I know the auditions for Delta just started. Any idea when we'd have an announcement who's the winner(s)?
  14. Well that SKB48 bar(why the hell do I know this, I hate that whole franchise...) was definitely still there blaring away when I visited Fire bomBar in November last year. Two years and hopefully he'd have that bar for some time yet as I want to go back sometime in the future. I want to try out the rest of his Macross original custom mix drinks.
  15. Yup, it's really convenient and really useful to keep in contact with group of friends. The only problem with it is that you have to turn the alerts off if your group you follow is quite sizeable as you'd end up being alerted 24 hr a day. Someone even told me it drained the hell out of his phone and bandwidth so bewarned if you decided to use it and you have an overseas carrier.
  16. And they all pretty much have big signs on display. They can be pretty hard to miss.
  17. Cool, the features so far has been ranging from impressive to cool so far(though I haven't seen more than 5 secs of the latest one, the stream has been chugging from their end every time I tried). Be interesting to see what they have up on offer.
  18. I think you have to sign up with them first. If you are, then something is definitely awry. Seeing that you actually even got that message, well it looks to be the latter.
  19. Man they got cooler displays out and set ups than I expected. Really didn't expect the gun and uniform, I just thought they'd have his artworks. Cool, thanks Tochiro.
  20. Aww you didn't have to do that. (Glad you did though, don't see these stuff anywhere else. Thanks)
  21. THERE'S A NEW SILENT MOBIUS MANGA?? Well you learn something new everyday. Might check it out to see how his art style has developed since then... Man I could still remember everyone aping his art-style during the late 80's to mid-90's. Then nothing, he just dropped off the map altogether round about that time. (To be fair, Mikimoto himself followed Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's style initially before developing his own)
  22. Wait, this may be off the Macross topic but, what the hell has Kia Asamiya been doing of late? I don't think I seen anything new(and therefore relevant) by Kia since the early 90's.
  23. Finally got to listen to the latest show. Yeah, while I could hear the weird background noise it's not a problem at all, I mean it's not distorting anything and you're all coming in clear. Except at Adrian who's mumbling half asleep at the start but I think we can understand that, we've all been there. Btw, what is this unit that's in the page? Is that a garage kit or a prototype that's going to be released in the future? Looks real good.
  24. To be fair, when the past ventures have ended in failure planning for a new one gets so much harder. So good news all round...
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