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  1. Oh man. There I was worried at the start of the series about how the sponsors could possibly screw up the show... Silly me. *snark* Seriously though, when I was looking at the summer upcoming lists of show a couple of months back, I was wondering and worried about how Delta wasn't listed as "continuing". Rightly or wrongly, this all only adds to it. Product9: To be fair, Frontier not only had the fan anticipation behind it, it also started strongly. Delta, in my opinion, not so much. While it had the fan anticipation it just wasn't as strong and people were disappointed with the first preview ep for Delta while people just blew up for Frontier's. So all that adds up really to what we are seeing now in people's reaction to Delta.
  2. You would have think they(Kawamori/Satelight) would have enough feedback about the sag in Frontier's story and pacing leading up to the finale that they wouldn't be making the same mistake. As it is I may have to start considering it as standard procedure for all Macross series going forward. It doesn't help that Delta just isn't as engaging in terms of story and characters as Frontier was, making everything seem worse.
  3. My only issue with the dogfights, other that there seem to be ever diminishing number of them in the show, is that they needed to slow it down a little so we can follow it better. So far they only did that two or three times and one of them was in the mentioned training. All the other times you had to slow the show down to see what's happening.
  4. The Earth, Wind & Fire cover... I mean the ED song I really liked. I suppose Ikenai Borderline worked as well as it did is that it's an energetic song that reaches out and grabs you not unlike Sheryl's songs in the opening of Frontier.
  5. I liked the dogfights in this episode, they need to slow it down more like this so that we can actually follow it. Seriously, most of the dogfights in the show so far have been so fast that you'd have to be hopped up on speed to follow it.
  6. Perhaps it was the benefit of the doubt I gave them that they may have very real humane grievances at the start but by the last two episodes, particularly this one, they've crossed into people doing horrible because "..reasons..." Of the Knights, all of them seem pretty level headed sympathetic characters, the exception being with the prince with a massive chip on his shoulder and the red-headed fool who one way or another seem to be destined for a future as a flaming wreck somewhere. Both of them seem quite content with causing mass carnage to their ends while the others, not so much.
  7. I find it strange that the show is trying to present the Aerial Knights as sympathetic actors by the amount of time is spent with them but their actions thus far has been anything but. There's an incredible high bodycount behind everything they done so far.
  8. That pretty much is a given, to us anyway, but for the marketers who shopped the show around and the sponsors who were sold on it, well that's a different matter. It was probably sold as something that was going to be bigger than Frontier to garner their interest, which is most likely isn't going to help their perceptions much.
  9. Well, you can of course always try to sign up more sponsors but the initial sponsors that were brought into the show from the ground up can't be too happy(they rarely are by their very nature) since it's not doing Frontier levels of business. And when they're no happy, there's the danger of them starting to insinuate themselves into the production more, which as we all know, does wonders to a show someone is trying to make...
  10. Up to ep.6 and I'm still wondering why I should care for the Aerial Knight's faction.... This is not good writing. Competent but after the amount of money they threw at it, competent isn't going to cut it with the sponsors. And it's showing in the ratings. It's hovering at no.5 and it's numbers are half of Kabaneri, the top rated show(by a magazine pool) of the season (which happens to have Mikimoto as it's character designer). They're no going to do a Macross 7 and not get to the point till ep 14 again are they? This has to be the lowest investment I ever had with a world in the Macross series after viewing the initial episodes.
  11. I found that Deadfish don't fansub but they re-encode files into mp4 so that they can be used in different devices.So that Deadfish version you watched is practically is GG's. So other than the format the only difference is that GG's is softsubed while Deadfish by the nature of the format is hardsubbed.
  12. They better flesh out the world better by ep.6 because they still haven't given me a reason to care about the world it's set. I mean, the Knights revel themselves and the only thing that came to my mind, other than nice detailing on the planes, was "Eh, and I should care because...?"
  13. Possibily. I never knew that the XB-70 was only located in Ohio, I only knew that he went to see it in person in the article and had always assumed that the plane was located somewhere in California as well. There was a picture of him with the plane in that article. Can't remember if that was when he went did the the air combat simulator as well though. He could have done that later.
  14. Interesting. I've been trying to track down details about this movie ever since I came across an article where Kawamori came to LA to do some research and finally see his beloved XB-70 in person. It also mentioned he visited some people who were working to make a live action Macross movie as part of the trip. A quick search dug up the IMDB listing for it back then when I tried to find out more about it. And then that was it and the whole thing quietly disappeared into the ether from there on. That was back in 93-94.
  15. Forbes is basically diversifying with their entry to the online news market. They cover games as well these days.
  16. Pretty much. It's why one of my favorite manga artist no longer is in the industry and probably went back to being a salary man. Also why Kenichi Sonada rarely produces anything anymore but still turns up in Comiket events since what he sells there is more than what the industry gets him.
  17. Same here. The censoring and uneven enhancement in the last release was of great disappointment.
  18. It's a toss up between the automated phone in the park, or the automated vending machine. They were criminally under utilized in the series in my opinion. (Hey, don't look at me like that! They had character!) Non joke option: Global.
  19. Shirow has pretty much given up on mangas proper so we'd probably never see him finish that series. Maybe if he gets desperate enough I guess he'd get back into it. At least Mikimoto is still working on mangas as it is. VF-15 Banshee - I thought Ecole du Ciel's story got ramped up by the last manga and was pretty interesting in my opinion.
  20. I'm pretty much wondering if he'll ever return to finish his Gundam manga as it is. That's been stalled for some, half a decade now?
  21. Well at the Fire BomBAR has it's regulars which are also the owners' friends so that's something he's doing for himself. He does hold special events and gaming nights from time to time, the last one wasn't even Macross related I believe. It was Monster Hunter gaming night.
  22. To be fair, we never did see what happened to the Galaxy colony after the finale in the Frontier tv series. Alluded that they're still out there and largely intact
  23. Whoops, don't know how that happened. Fixed the link, here it is as well just in case. As for why change the name for the international market? Well they don't have to for the home market, just for the international one. Hell, the fans would know. Also, to spite HG.
  24. Or you can just have a Macross series not called Macross in the title. Now not too sure about the nuance of the licencing contract HG has but it's a loophole. It only need to exist in the same universe. And Skullmilitia, nothing should steal anything from the F-35. The latest test has made it clear that it can't dogfight against a F16 with two wing fuel tanks loaded and the 35 is flying clean and empty. The F-35 is a basket case. Edit: Link to the article about the F-16 v F-35 test Though some are questioning the details of the report.
  25. The problem with Hollywood is that you're really only as good as your last film, as they say. So Wan has two other films lined up as part of the deal and if he does any of those first and they seemingly underperform, backers are going to pull out. The people with the money are understandably risk adverse. Steven Spielberg even back in the 90's says that even with his track record still gets turned down for his projects. It is true that even when they do get the filming running that there's a chance that things can still go awry but by then most of the involved are more commited by then and tend to double down and hope for some return for their invested money.
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