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  1. Besides this box set and Macross plus, was there any other Macross release with eng subs? (Official release).
  2. I just watched and overall dont like it. Of course I will wait the full series to be released and see how the plot developes. Does anybody have and idea of how many chapters are considered?
  3. Noob question: was FB2012 originally set up in year 2019? If so why did they change it to 2012? The question goes because the characters look older compared to those in SDF Macross tv series.
  4. Good to recieve a brand new Macross product. Just need to wait to the actual plot to make an opinion until that....this is it! BR
  5. looking into the new delta valkyrie reckon something similar to a skull with wings in the canards. Not sure if that deatil was explained before but it looks familiar to me... BR
  6. Hey Tochiro, is it confirmed the 05 BD release got english translations? BR.
  7. really good news. I wonder if the debut has (as a must) a preview and if so, when should it be scheduled?
  8. Still, 07/08 years after macross 30 the valks shouldnt be so much different.
  9. Is it crazy to think in a release date close to 2017? I mean, 35 years after first war. BR.
  10. It seems that only the OVAs are included and there are some extras that dont recognize from my BD set, need to check it out.
  11. For me it was in the mid 90´s...I was in my early 20´s and being a former Robotech fan it caught my attention a movie (OVAS) called Macross Plus. The same concept (transformable fighters) made me investigate a little more about Macross and realize what it was and its relationship with Robotech. The guy that owned the Macross Plus video tapes (VHS) told us about having a couple of additional movies and invited us to watch so that was the first time I watched DYRL? and FB2012. I was really impressed by both especially by DYRL?. So far I´m a big DYRL? fan and I just purchased the BD Hybrid set for the 30th anniversary. Altough a little late in the party and having paid more than US$300 I dont regret it. Honestly I dont think the BD quality is the best and I knew everything was in japanese; still I have a VHS and DVD versión (both fansubed) but wanted the printed material and the extras that otherwise it could be difficult (or imposible) to get. If a new factory subed versión is released it is strongly possible I´ll be buying it again.
  12. I picked one for around US$140 from NY...some days later the same product appeared costing ~US$300 in the same store; not sure if there is some place selling it with the former price.
  13. Just ended watching those movies. I love the animation and the subs option. It is a nice product and hope for future releases like this.
  14. Thanks for the info. Seems I posted in the wrong forum
  15. Hi Gents, What do you think about this future release? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOGDS-113162 The question is about the manufacter, the expected product´s quality, etc. As a huge fan of DYRL? I just decided to buy a valk related to it and this VF-1S w/strike pack looks awesome. By the moment I am not planning to start a valk collection and I dont care if it´s 1/48, 1/60 or 1/100 just want something that has good quality and that will look cool on my desk. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. At first sight it is hard to believe but of course any good example is always welcome.
  17. I have never heard about companies with a business model like that and still doing it for years...is this just for fun?
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