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  1. Besides this box set and Macross plus, was there any other Macross release with eng subs? (Official release).
  2. I just watched and overall dont like it. Of course I will wait the full series to be released and see how the plot developes. Does anybody have and idea of how many chapters are considered?
  3. Noob question: was FB2012 originally set up in year 2019? If so why did they change it to 2012? The question goes because the characters look older compared to those in SDF Macross tv series.
  4. Good to recieve a brand new Macross product. Just need to wait to the actual plot to make an opinion until that....this is it! BR
  5. looking into the new delta valkyrie reckon something similar to a skull with wings in the canards. Not sure if that deatil was explained before but it looks familiar to me... BR
  6. Hey Tochiro, is it confirmed the 05 BD release got english translations? BR.
  7. really good news. I wonder if the debut has (as a must) a preview and if so, when should it be scheduled?
  8. Still, 07/08 years after macross 30 the valks shouldnt be so much different.
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