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  1. I found the whole special here: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av51508486
  2. Did you guys notice Berger's new voice? Keiji Fujiwara had to take some time off from voice acting due to an unspecified illness, so Mitsuru Ogata had to replace him starting with this episode.
  3. Which is no different than the role he had on Macross Frontier, where he was also credited as "chief director" (総監督), while Yasuhito Kikuchi got the "director" (監督) credit. Ever since Macross Plus, when he collaborated with Shinichiro Watanabe, Kawamori has almost always had a co-director under him who supervises the staffers more directly, while he focuses on the big-picture stuff.
  4. 9999 units if you count the DVDs. It's almost a cruel joke that none of the Spring 2016 shows managed to crack the 10,000 barrier in their first week of release. Still the top-selling first volume of the season so far, though.
  5. I just re-upped the file. You can download it here. Also, at Anime-Tosho you can find a pack with Live-eviL's subs, which are much better. However, they're timed to the uncut BD, so they won't work with the PS3 hybrid disc unless you re-sync them.
  6. If this is the scene you're talking about, I'm sorry to say Minmay's hair looks green-ish in both BD releases: PS3 hybrid disc: http://i.imgur.com/pwFWOAB.jpg Uncensored re-release: http://i.imgur.com/j7zF0cz.jpg
  7. I don't see why they'd leave those scenes out of focus on purpose, so I can only consider them as errors.
  8. I don't think it's because of the film stock: it looks to me like whoever was responsible for photographing the frames left the lens out of focus during certain scenes, so the only way to make them look sharper would be traveling back in time and knocking some sense into that guy. And judging by these DVD screecaps, the only reason why those blurry scenes didn't stick out as much as in the BD releases was the lower resolution.
  9. Each of them is a different version of the movie. 00000.MPLS is one second longer because it includes an opening text scroll, while 00001.MPLS is the "theatrical" version with no text scroll. I believe I synched the subs to the slightly longer version, although there's no translation for the text scroll in them. In case the timing is off, try the other version.
  10. You can use these subs, which I timed to the Blu-ray. And yes, you can load them while playing the BD with VLC, assuming you have AnyDVD or another decrypting software running. Just click on "Subtitles", and then on "Add Subtitle File". I prefer Media Player Classic Home Cinema, though.
  11. I wasn't aware that the BD-box was already sold out. This re-release has the exact same contents, right?
  12. I first watched this movie in the year 2000, when the defunct channel Locomotion first aired it in Brazil. I had previously watched a few Robotech episodes and portions of an uncut dub of the original Macross TV series titled "Guerra das Galáxias" ("War of the Galaxies"), but it was DYRL that made me fall in love with the franchise. However, the first time I watched the movie wasn't the best. After the last commercial break, just when the final battle was supposed to begin, Locomotion made the mistake of airing the beginning of the movie all over again, and one commercial break later, they simply acted as if the movie had ended and aired the next show on schedule. I think it took another month or two for them to rerun the movie, and then they finally aired it in its entirety.
  13. Sorry it took me two months to see your post, but Orguss 02 also looks great on Blu-ray. To be honest, at first I had the impression of a yellowish tint on the picture, but I quickly got used to it, so I guess I might have had the wrong impression because I got too used to the TV series' color palette as I watched it. I just wish I could find a decent set of English subtitles to watch it. The only ones I could find were ripped from Manga's DVD release, and as it turns out, they're terrible dubtitles. To make matters worse, they don't include translations for any of the on-screen text because all of it was hardsubbed in the DVD. That's quite problematic because a lot of the OVA's dialogue is spoken in fictional languages, and those lines are all subtitled in Japanese.
  14. Yeah, it's coming: http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00IEY03YM So who's getting it?
  15. Some pics of the Italian release: http://animeonbluray.blogspot.com.br/2014/01/gallery-macross-plus-ultimate-edition.html I have to wonder how they got away with it. Is Italy somehow exempt from Harmony Gold's stranglehold on everything Macross in the West? Even though I own the Japanese release, that translated booklet fills me with envy.
  16. I have to admit I wasn't a fan of Kajiura's singing when I first watched Macross 7, due to the unfavorable comparison to Fukuyama's pipes (now that's Anima Spiritia), but her voice really grew on me over the past few years. Her few solo parts in Virgin Story were great and really enhanced that song. When it comes to holding her own in a duet with Fukuyama, though, I thought Mika Okudoi did a much better job.
  17. Since they're calling it a "hybrid disc", I assume some of its contents like the Macross Intelligence Agency videos can be watched on a regular Blu-ray player, but stuff like the virtual concert can only be played on a PS3.
  18. That's the DVD-box. The BD-box is listed as a PS3 game just because of the third disc: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=BLJS-93014
  19. I extracted the subtitle track from the fansub and used it to watch my BD subbed with Media Player Classic. The new scenes' translation seems fine to me, except for one line. At the 01:21:33 mark, after Ozma says he was right about Fire Bomber, does he really say "no new songs"? I thought he meant something to the effect that they didn't die.
  20. If your PC has a Blu-ray drive, all you need to do is install AnyDVD HD (without it, you'll only be able to play BDs with proprietary players like PowerDVD) and Media Player Classic (which is included in CCCP). Then pop your BD in your PC, open Media Player Classic, click on File -> Open DVD/BD and select your Blu-ray drive. As your BD starts playing, hit Ctrl+L and select your subtitle file. That's it. However, you might need to re-time your subtitle file with Aegisub beforehand, so that it syncs with the BD's audio.
  21. Yes, or you can load all subtitle files beforehand and switch among them manually at the beginning of each episode. That's why I wish I could just merge them in one single file that would contain the subtitles for all episodes in the disc.
  22. The latest versions of Media Player Classic also allow you to load external subtitles (I've tried it with .srt, .ass and .sub files, and they all worked) while you're playing a DVD or Blu-ray. The only problem is the fact that it still doesn't play Blu-ray menus, so once you load the BD, it just starts playing the first episode or the movie that's in it. Also, since all episodes in the disc are usually in the same video stream, you have to do some re-timing for each subtitle file. With Aegisub, that's easy to do, but I wish there was an easy way to merge subtitle files. That way, I wouldn't have to load a different subtitle file for each episode.
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