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  1. I'm sure that some 1/100 kn0ck0ff fully articulated Gundam hands would do the trick as well, while costing... 10$? Hmmm can't find them anymore on the interwebs :-(
  2. I think I'll do a completely custom paintjob, if the original paintjob is too hard to do with an airbrush and masking tape! :-) Sounds like a lot of fun to do! :-) And in case some out-of-the-box articulations are bad, I'll Kotobukiyafy them! In terms of looks in all 3 modes, this looks like the best Valkyrie ever, yet! The Macross Delta anime seems rather lame for the time being, but who cares! It's all about spreading love and peace through pop culture so I'll still like it no matter how lame it turns out :-D
  3. I know how much some people whine about Bandai "Gunpla" valks, but this VF-31 looks totally amazing! Now only the future will tell if it requires a lot of tweaking or not, when it comes to its articulations - the VF1 had some bad issues in that area, mostly at the hip joint, for example! I am currently tweaking an Aoshima Gernsback from Full Metal Panic. Substituting the Aoshima polycaps with Kotobukiya Polycaps gives promising results for the time being :-)... Pictures will follow!
  4. Wonderful! I know that everyone is going to hate me for saying that, but I'd love Yamato to make VF-31's as gunpla's... transformable. Just like the VF025 and VF-27. I know they're unpopular here. But I just liked them.
  5. I was also thinking about getting this kit! Where can it be found?
  6. This kit looks quite wonderful from the following review... however, the author of the video is quite clear on the fact that the hip joint s**ks in battroid mode. I still believe that I'll make my own hip joint with whatever raw materials I have (RC airplane wood - balsa, bass, etc... - styrene, and leftovers from other kits.) Note: I still haven't received my kit from hlj, so I still do not have my "own personal opinion". Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  7. Hi! Could you post the link for this mask on Amazon? I'd like to purchase one!
  8. I really like the 2nd zero kit a lot... which brand is that? Hobby Boss? Eduard?
  9. Ha ha ha :-) I loved your review! Most especially the ending! "Father, please forgive me!" :-D
  10. Ouch. Do you mean that it is even worse than the old ARII kit(s)? And unfortunately the 1/60 Yamato unpainted kits are unavailable at least from hlj... From what I understood the main problems were: - hip joint in battroid mode (I planned to make a modification for this, by glueing the hip axles with a metal rod going through them... and removing this axle completely from valk when in gerwalk or fighter mode) - floppy backpack (which I thought about solving with magnets for the battroid and fighter modes) - poorly fixed legs/thrusters in fighter mode (solvable with tabs/magnets?) And once again, regarding the fragile articulations, sheet aluminum was the way I intended going, as shown in pics... by Valkyrie2008. Now, yes, on the one hand, the whining on this thread and on amazon.jp (google translate helps understand the reviews) on the other hand, make me worry. But anyways it's just a kit. Not the end of the world. Remember guys, the north pole has just turned into a north pool, an so many other things gong wrong these days... and worst of all, the SDF-1 still hasn't crashed on an island in the Pacific Ocean while it was planned for 1999. So many things going wrong everywhere, why worry about this "failed" VF-1?
  11. Appleseed II / 1st movie (2004) giant canon spiders? Hmmm the movie version I guess.
  12. Solution: dremel + CA + magnets Disco dance! Yeah :-D !!!
  13. I like this mod! :-) Actually I find it better than the VF-25 and YF-19!
  14. I was quoting General Admiral Aladeen's favorite expression on the Croisette at the Cannes Festival.
  15. Wonderful! Thanks for the pic, this top view looks great :-)
  16. Very pleasant to read you! I have ordered one and it still hasn't arrived in the mail. I'm planning to join the two hip-joint-axes together with a metal rod and completely remove this assembly while the kit is in gerwalk or fighter mode. Does this seem to be feasible? From what I understand, this hip joint is the major issue with this kit (the VF-25 had similar issues, the hip was very complex and fragile, and after a piece of plastic broke, it no longer was possible to make it stand properly in battroid mode - I solved that issue with a pair of magnets...)
  17. ... or maybe did Bandai trust its virtual CAD prototype design methodology a little bit too much!
  18. IMHO when you don't know about the froppiness of the kit (which doesn't show from the photo) this kit does not look too bad... Do you believe that this (beta indeed) kit could be made more acceptable with a modification of the hip hinge mechanism? Or are there really a dozen of other annoying issues when it comes to the articulations? How did it make into production? Well... dunno... maybe Bandai thought: "it does look acceptable from the pictures, and an irremediable "big-crunch" economic crisis is imminent, and nobody will buy it after the final crunch starts, so let's sell it and enjoy the booze we can buy from the revenue while there still is booze to buy"
  19. Finally someone who appreciates Bandai's transformable model kits :-) I sold mine, but they were so great :-)
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