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  1. Hey WOZ and Datterboy, great work! Are you mechanical engineers or what? This all looks so professional!!! Are you doing this in MAX/Maya/Sequoia or an engineering CAD program (Catia/AutoCAD/TurboCAD/other) ? Great looking!
  2. What program? Surely china ink and a rotring, am I correct?
  3. Absolutely gorgeous... Damn, I must find some time to install a CAD program on my puter and learn how to use it!
  4. ... True! The lower leg has to rotate 180 degrees during gerwalk-battroid conversion! Notice one thing: in episode 3, when DD tries to make his way into the aircraft carrier azuka, he "stores" his gun, in battroid mode, on the outer side of his left leg (so that when transforming into fighter mode, the gun gets on the inner side of his two legs). I don't think that the modeller made his conversion to becompletely articulate, it must be mainly static in my opinion. I think that by adding some metal, this kit could have strong joints... The old "arii" VF1 that I built when I was around 13 still is in good shape 15 years later after many transformations, and it's mainly plastic...
  5. Totally unbelievable!... The guy who made the conversion mus have spent 100 hours on it!!! (I understand why I don't anymore build models even though I love these forums!)
  6. This proves that the SV51 can be mass-produced as a perfect variable toy or model! Yeah!
  7. Actually the "perfect" VF-19 on this page looks better than the current retail yammie in my opinion... at least I'd say that with slightly bigger wings it would look "perfect" in fighter mode. But the model on page 1 of this forum looks absolutely brilliant... the best of the best... perfect maybe.
  8. Skypoet

    VF-1 in X-plane!

    The link seems to be working fine... If it still doesn't work for you try the following: www.lo-mac.com and click in "videos". (there are also screenshots and a demo you can download...
  9. Skypoet

    VF-1 in X-plane!

    OK, here ya go!!! The following link is fore a video that corresponds to the previous screenshot of the frogfoot... ftp://ftp.ubisoft.com/games/lomac/media/lockon_movie20.zip And still another pic of the frogfoot...
  10. Skypoet

    VF-1 in X-plane!

    Sorry I couldn't resist the temptation to add some more...
  11. Skypoet

    VF-1 in X-plane!

    Yeah that's a new version of X-plane. Graphically it's still a little outdated but we've got to remember that it's programmed by 5 programmers or so and not 50 like in some sims coded by russians programmers (and engineers - see a screenshot of my favorite sim below: "Lock On"). The flight models are roughly satisfying IMHO. 100USD is a bit expansive, and that's the regular price. OK the sim associated with that screenshot is called "Lock On: Modern Air combat"
  12. Skypoet

    VF-1 in X-plane!

    In case you've heard of X-plane, it's a simulator for PC or mac, where you can "design" your own planes, experimental or not. One guy, Bradley Gillis, desegned the VF-1 for x-plane, it works great! Thrust vectoring allows you to experience triple, quadruple kulbits, and the weight/power ratio allows to reach the end of earth's atmosphere quite easily. For X-plane: www.x-plane.com For the VF-1 in X-plane: http://www.x-plane.org/Detailed/5550.shtml Here's a pic:
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