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  1. Sorry, my bad... thought it was another item! :-)
  2. Also interested in your NG Barbatos :-) And also in the MG Quan[t]! And the Kotobukiya 1/60 ARX-8 Laevatein! :-)
  3. So in other words, there is no way to get replacement parts, and one can only hope that Daban, TT Hongli, Dragon Momoko one day decide to make cheap knockoffs! (Which won't happen, in the case of Macross Gunpla kits)
  4. I think you will have to order straight from Bandai using a special form that comes in the box of the kit
  5. Skypoet

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I really can't wait to receive my 1/72 VF-31 by mail (why did I take the SAL option? :-( )
  6. Aren't some of the moderators/creators of MacrossWorld residents of Japan and fluent Japanese speakers/writers/readers? If yes, thy could pass the message to Bandai...
  7. 17-18 meters of length approximately in flight mode (somewhere between the length of an F-18A/B/C and an F-18E/F), from this video, at about 10:00, there is a side-by-side size comparison of the VF-31 in fighter mode with the MG Gundam Rx-78, which is 18m tall (or 18cm in 1/100)... from this still, the VF-31 appears to be 25cm long, which corresponds (25cm*72) to 18 meters.
  8. Anothr nice revie, showing some yet unshowed features:
  9. Do you think that I'd get decent results with gundam markers if I paint the inside of the clear plastic parts (excluding the canopy of course) - I'll try that.
  10. Not good, I'd say: gorgeaous! http://www.playa.info/playa-del-carmen-forum/attachments/general-playa-del-carmen/12081d1352405843-gorgeous-beach-guy-borat18.jpg
  11. Maybe this could b solved with some small magnets... you can order really small magnets from ebay, (2mm Dia * 1mm Th.), 2$ shipped for 5 pairs... I'll try that when I get my kit.
  12. He simply took a pair of VF-21 wings I believe, and then glued them onto the wing articulation of the 31. The charging pod/gun pod is still there, it was just removed for the fighter pic. But is present in the battroid/gerwalk pics!
  13. Awesome! So from what I understand, the way to go is to: - use the stickers not decals (poor quality unless maybe we use a decal solvent) - use the dip-in-water trick - apply top coat
  14. TOTALLY!!!! Bandai please do the Nightmare PLUS!
  15. Review of articulation and poseability: Link
  16. Thanks everyone for the suggestions regarding stickers and decals!
  17. What kind of sealing would you apply and is there a tutorial somewhere whan I can learn about sealing decals or stickers?
  18. Love it Thanks for the pictures and feedback! :wub: :wub:
  19. One speedbuild finished, but it won't show us anything we couldn't have learned from the manual already available from 1999.co.jp, except that the model takes approximately 8 hour to build straight out of the box: By the way I like the solution that was adopted for the front landing gear: at least we won't need to take a sharpie out to open the landing gear doors, even if this is not scale (or may not be). It also seems that the mechanical design of the legs is simplified (and in spit of that we have a hip swivel motion, which is great) compared with the three former Bandai Valks, which could be very good for durability. Yes, I know, the rear landing gear is cheesy! But designing a custom landing gear (or find a way to attach a F-18 gear) will be a lot easier than improving the articulations, which seem good and sturdy according to pictures and videos. Bear in mind that a Macross Gunpla is always a compromise, a trade-off between accuracy and functionality! So it can't be both perfectly accurate and functional at the same time. Remember the VF-1. Superbly accurate and absolutely faithful to the blueprints, however very, very, very fragile - and not even able to withstand its own weight!! The only thing which worries me is the ankle articulation. On the other hand, it seems to be the same as that of the VF-25, which... never broke throughout the years, at least in my case. It looks like it's the same :-( ... I hope I'm wrong!
  20. There are several videos of successful attempts at making radio-controlled replicas of the VF-1 and SV-52 fly... Aerodynamically it seems to me that the VF-31 would fly.
  21. Another nuther (speed build review, in the beautiful tongue of Kawamori): https://youtu.be/Yd_3kJqDfj4 https://youtu.be/CxoCfrqN6RE https://youtu.be/qFXLwjiuhwc
  22. There IS a thigh swivel (yes there is, I'm absolutely positive!!!), check the instructions from 1999.co.jp (Hobby Search) ;-) Which makes leg-spreading possible. Regarding the paint scheme, basic airbrush skills (+ masking tape) should make it possible to avoid the huge stickers (or decals). But I really appreciate that Bandai provided those huge stickers sheets for those of us who don't wish to acquire (or don't have yet) a basic airbrush setup. Regarding the wing droop, I won't worry too much, as the external wings are small, shouldn't be too heavy, and thus, shouldn't droop too much. Beides, if you check the instructions, there seems to be some sort of a locking mechanism for the external wings so that they stay in place...
  23. For decals I don't think so. I've seen a professional modellist friend of mine make his own decals with appropriate paper and a laser printer. Bandai and Macross aftermarket items can be better robotic hands, photo-etched parts, and other things maybe. I plan to do the paintscheme with an airbrush... It should look better and will be more "permanent", more durable.
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