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  1. japanese lesson for you bilingually challenged: 孫 means GRANDCHILD. 俺は日本人なんで日本語を読めないなら俺の日本語を間違った日本語で直さないで欲しい。 <- if you can't read that please refrain from correcting my Japanese. Thanks.
  2. Neoka i'm not happy either but keep it in the feedback forum. I don't want to give the mods any more excuses to ban any more people with legitimate complaints.
  3. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=43563 Feedback posted. If you guys expect this place to continue to be a fun place by fans for fans then I think you owe us the community an explanation. I've been here for over 10 years, but if posting this gets me banned, I am done.
  4. cyde01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    wow it does look badass without the missle pod
  5. a little disappointed that aside from delta 3 they all have the same weapon pack. was hoping for a little more variety, like a sniper pack or missle pack, or heavy beam cannon pack.
  6. cyde01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    although i doubt it'd happen i'd definitely like to see navy CAG style schemes. there are still so many good ones besides jolly rogers and the wolfpack scheme that hikaru's VF-1J kind of mimics. the aerial demonstration style schemes of delta squad just don't do it for me.
  7. i'm sure that's a typo. Henkyou chuuiki means remote region. Chuuichi means jr high first year lol.
  8. sometimes the katakana is pronounced differently from English because the pronunciation of the word was taken from a language besides English. カオスwas taken from how it was pronounced in ancient Greek, not the "correct" English pronunciation.just sayin.
  9. cyde01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    i don't know how common knowledge this is, but the japanese text says the VF-31A will definitely be appearing in the anime along with the VF-171. the VF-31A is described as the most basic type, as opposed to the delta squad versions which have been specially built to support "idol combat." essentially it's the cannon fodder 31. seeing as how bandai made the VF-25A from frontier, i would think they would definitely make the VF-31A as well.
  10. wow mirage in that pic! and look how small mikumo is! lol she looks like a minor character! delta 05's colors continue to look awesome in art and horrible on a real life toy..
  11. pretty sure there are in universe sci-fi explanations to all of the idols' abilities, from pinpoint barriers generated by the multidrones to vernier rockets in their skirts. still doesn't make me like it tho.
  12. even within kyushu the dialects are diverse. i suspect that freyja's speak was half inspired by hakata/kitakyushu but only certain aspects of her speech mimic it.
  13. but i like them without the trim..
  14. it's not okinawan. anything more geographically isolated and the dialects actually become unintelligible to mainland japanese (example, Amami dialect and Yaeyama dialect are considered separate languages by linguists). as the podcast says, closest thing is the kyushu dialect, but to my ears it sounds like kyushu dialect mixed with granny-speak mixed with anime moe-speak. hence i find it annoying.
  15. did anyone else notice that the gold trim was missing in the episode?
  16. just trust me when i say that if you understood japanese too you'd most likely also find it annoying. it sounds kinda like valley girl meets the grandma from beverly hill billies. the zentradi language does not sound like valley girl meets grandma from beverly hill billies..
  17. Yes someone please troll hg on twitter lol. Anyway, i've watched it about 7 times now and i got nothing to add aside from what's already been said, but since everyone's doing it, gonna add my 2 cents. For me, the good was overwhelmingly good but the bad was overwhelmingly bad, with the end result being mostly negative. The good ・I thought the animation was fantastic. Some say it's worse than frontier but i don't see it. ・i was absolutely thrilled to hear the return of echoey voices when macronized zentradi speak, old school zentradi ships and updated regults/glaugs. ・valk battles were great. I don't like any of the paint schemes of delta squad's valks but the sv-262s didn't have the gold trim at all, which i see as an improvement. ・as others have said, loved seeing the expansion of the macross world to include freight ships and cargo ports, new settled planets, etc. The bad ・i really did not like some of the music. I actually liked love halation the war and even the song during the scene where hayate is dancing while loading cargo (which is apparently sung by reina and makina) but i HATED ikenai borderline. I dunno, everyone has different taste, i could attempt to explain what instruments and musical elements makes me hate it so much on an internet forum, but i probably shouldn't try. I think i even prefer basara's music to that crap, and the thought of hearing it episode after episode is really making me cringe. I don't like idol music in general but i never really hated any of ranka or sheryl's songs, but there's no sense in trying to explain personal taste. I dunno, i just hate it. Really missing kanno. ・as someone else mentioned, i also don't like the rapid changes between emotional tones, (going from violence and people dying one moment to an idol concert the next)but with the premise of combining mac 7 and plus, i don't see how they can avoid it. They try to lessen it by showing that the idols take their role of protecting civilians seriously and knowingly put themselves in harms way rather than just singing happy songs, but for me it still doesn't work. ・put me in the camp that cannot dig sailor moon wardrobe transformations and idol sentai. Someone mentioned that sheryl and ranka also do this but it's really not the same, sheryl and ranka's wardrobe changes were never treated like super hero reveals the way that the walkure are. And idols flying around the battlefield, landing on radomes and battroid's shoulders, and charging at q-raus? You can firmly place me in the too old for this crap crowd. I get it, it's a logical progression of macross up until this point. And unlike some people here i'm not gonna say to someone there's something wrong with them if they like it. Taste is subjective and to each his own. But for me, it's really not my thing. I can't get myself to like it, even if i try. I'll still watch the series, heck i got through 49 episodes of macross 7. And i don't think i'll hate it as much as mac ii or zero, the only macross series i refuse to re-watch. but as far as delta, i'll mostly just watch it for the valk battles. I just hope i like most of the songs better than fire bomber's music, but i have no confidence in that at this point. ・i hate frejya. She has the confidence that ranka didn't have which made ranka seem like a loser esp after losing out on the alto sweepstakes, but i still hate frejya a lot more. The strange made up japanese country dialect and nonsensical words she uses just makes her sound like an idiot. Again, this is just imo. Go ahead, call me a hater, it's true lol. Some random thoughts on where the story is going: ・Huh, so frejya's windmereian. Didn't see that coming. She seems to refer to her "member" as lunlun and when it glows and goes erectile she refers to it as going "pika~" which is japanese onomatopea for something that shines. Gosh i feel like i lost brain cells just typing those damn phrases. I'm just cringing at the thought of all the aerial knights' members going pika~ in the last episode as they all turn good due to the power of song (it won't end that way, will it?). ・for some reason it took me until now to realize that keith's last name is windmere. One of the twins refers to him as (something)~sama, but i can't quite make out what he's saying (is he saying keith-sama?) . Suffix -sama in Japanese is used to refer to someone way above you in rank or class, is keith royalty? ・there were 6 sv-262s but even with the reveal of master helman, that should still leave one pilot unrevealed right? I mean, after all four eyes was still at his command post and not piloting a valk, right? Maybe the 6th pilot is unimportant cannon fodder? ・i like the idea that someone came up with of mikumo dying in battle and frejya facing the overwhelming task of filling her hero's shoes lol. That would be a great opportunity for character development and bring some seriousness to the story inspite of all the idols flying around.
  18. I predict the man on the right will be the next character revealed. And i bet he is the delta squad leader.
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