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  1. Well I was hoping to sell sooner than that as I am in need of urgent funds but I haven't gotten any interest on that one.
  2. I wanted to know what a fair price would be for these but I didn't get a response so I'm just gonna go for it. My impending marriage unfortunately necessitates getting rid of my collection. I hope I can find these a new home. All items are like new, only transformed a few times in original box with all stickers and instructions included unless otherwise noted. Michael VF-25G renewal *SOLD* Michael Fast pack asking $100, tornado pack asking $100 Ozma YF-29 asking $350 Ozma super pack *SOLD* Yamato VF-17D with FP *SOLD* Arcadia YF-19 asking $350 All are like new and would make worthy editions to someone's collection. Price does not include shipping. If I get any interest I will post other items that I have.
  3. Hi guys. Old member from 2000 here. Went through a couple of rough years and now getting ready to get married, I need to sell off my collection. Please let me know what a fair price is for my collection. I've got a few pieces that I think would be a worthy edition to someone's collection and they deserve a home. I do need the money so I want to sell them for a fair price but the ebay prices I saw obviously are unrealistic. I wanted to see how much they are really worth. All items are like new, only transformed a few times with all parts included, no yellowing or discoloration, box in like new condition with stickers and instructions included unless otherwise noted. Renewal Bandai DX VF-25G Michael Blanc with super parts and tornado parts included Bandai DX YF-29 Ozma Lee colors with super parts included Arcadia 1/60 YF-19 1st edition (not premiere finish, just regular) Yamato 1/60 VF-17D with fast pack included Yamato 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker DYRL version final edition (no fast packs, regular not premiere finish) Bandai DX VF-19 Advance- unfortunately as I was preparing it for sale, when I took off one of the leg fast packs it broke the door to the missile bay with it. Pretty disappointing, this was my favorite piece in the collection and I can't believe how fragile this part was. honestly made me want to quit collecting for good The following are older models and might not be worth much, they are in varying degrees of wear. Probably not worth much but maybe someone would want them just for the historical value?? Yamato 1st edition 1/60 YF-19- this is the original 1/60 with not so ideal proportions. Over the years it has become a floppy mess and cannot even stay standing in gerwalk or battroid mode. I have the fold booster and fast pack set that was sold separately but the actual fold booster is missing. They come in original boxes that are worn with original stickers and instructions included. Yamato 1st edition 1/60 VF-1A DYRL Max- this is the original Yamato VF-1 toy that is NOT perfect transformable. The legs on this one have to be removed to transform. Box, gunpod, and pilot figure are missing. Yamato 1st edition 1/72 YF-19- this is THE first YF-19 transformable toy that was ever made. Non-Macross: Gundam fix figuration 0013 Deep Striker I really need the funds, any help would be much appreciated.
  4. japanese lesson for you bilingually challenged: 孫 means GRANDCHILD. 俺は日本人なんで日本語を読めないなら俺の日本語を間違った日本語で直さないで欲しい。 <- if you can't read that please refrain from correcting my Japanese. Thanks.
  5. Neoka i'm not happy either but keep it in the feedback forum. I don't want to give the mods any more excuses to ban any more people with legitimate complaints.
  6. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=43563 Feedback posted. If you guys expect this place to continue to be a fun place by fans for fans then I think you owe us the community an explanation. I've been here for over 10 years, but if posting this gets me banned, I am done.
  7. cyde01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    wow it does look badass without the missle pod
  8. a little disappointed that aside from delta 3 they all have the same weapon pack. was hoping for a little more variety, like a sniper pack or missle pack, or heavy beam cannon pack.
  9. cyde01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    although i doubt it'd happen i'd definitely like to see navy CAG style schemes. there are still so many good ones besides jolly rogers and the wolfpack scheme that hikaru's VF-1J kind of mimics. the aerial demonstration style schemes of delta squad just don't do it for me.
  10. i'm sure that's a typo. Henkyou chuuiki means remote region. Chuuichi means jr high first year lol.
  11. sometimes the katakana is pronounced differently from English because the pronunciation of the word was taken from a language besides English. カオスwas taken from how it was pronounced in ancient Greek, not the "correct" English pronunciation.just sayin.
  12. cyde01

    Bandai DX VF-31

    i don't know how common knowledge this is, but the japanese text says the VF-31A will definitely be appearing in the anime along with the VF-171. the VF-31A is described as the most basic type, as opposed to the delta squad versions which have been specially built to support "idol combat." essentially it's the cannon fodder 31. seeing as how bandai made the VF-25A from frontier, i would think they would definitely make the VF-31A as well.
  13. wow mirage in that pic! and look how small mikumo is! lol she looks like a minor character! delta 05's colors continue to look awesome in art and horrible on a real life toy..
  14. pretty sure there are in universe sci-fi explanations to all of the idols' abilities, from pinpoint barriers generated by the multidrones to vernier rockets in their skirts. still doesn't make me like it tho.
  15. even within kyushu the dialects are diverse. i suspect that freyja's speak was half inspired by hakata/kitakyushu but only certain aspects of her speech mimic it.
  16. but i like them without the trim..
  17. it's not okinawan. anything more geographically isolated and the dialects actually become unintelligible to mainland japanese (example, Amami dialect and Yaeyama dialect are considered separate languages by linguists). as the podcast says, closest thing is the kyushu dialect, but to my ears it sounds like kyushu dialect mixed with granny-speak mixed with anime moe-speak. hence i find it annoying.
  18. did anyone else notice that the gold trim was missing in the episode?
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