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  1. Ah, loved the Assault type aquarion, cool weapons, militarish colors, no screamed gattai and techs names and super-fast transformation. Really a cool mech. It was like watching M7 battles and then see a M0 battle, shocking. Too bad we get it only in the end of the series.
  2. I've seen the hands on a valk w/o hands, they look ok, I'm in for a set.
  3. The genesic maschines aren't bad but Galeon sucks bad.
  4. They are models made of thin styrene plastic, they aren't sturdy toys.
  5. They are ugly and fragile IMO, I would reccomend them if you want something as base to build a vf-19 battroid.
  6. I'm interested in the side covers, I might be interested in the hands too, are they bigger then the old MW custom dyrl hands?
  7. Happy new year! Buon capodanno! I hope will see more different Vfs from Hasegawa in this year.
  8. Spent the evening watching Aquarion, the latest episodes are good, now its time to see the heavy assault type aquarion in action, now I hope Mahou will release the last 4 episodes all togheter.
  9. Finally the situation is returning normal, I switched my adsl provider and fixed the PC, the model its finished I'm just waiting a sunny day to take pictures. Sorry I couldn't update the WIP but it was a terrible month...
  10. Great book, never regretted to have bought it.
  11. Man, if you want a canon vf-19s that's a lot of mods, you could even recast it as your own garage kit. Maybe get a bandai 1/100 vf-19, it should help you. I could scan my bandai 1/100 directions but I have currently problems both with my connection and pc, sorry, PM me next week if you are still interested.
  12. Well... if he would like an anime featuring mechs with face and boobs it would be the armageddon.
  13. I think that your problem is caused by the uncured acrylic layer, acrylics can take even a lot of weeks to fully cure and in that period they are somewhat sticky and weak, so the enamel paint or the thinner could stick to the acrylic or worse damage the the acrylic layer, maybe you should use a lacquer clear coat for protection like MW cheng do and it looks to work. Personally I hate use acrylics for base colors.
  14. Thanks, your vf-11d looks great. Next time you take pics of it, could you please take a pic of the head assembling directions too it's the last favor I ask you, The shield attachs the same way of the vf-11b right? just there aren't the spare gunpod clips. PS I'm surprised that the sound boosters are supposed to be just glued to the valk, did you pinned them to the back? I think it should be better considering the sound boosters size, a poli unit assembling would have be a lot better IMO.
  15. Why is that godannar head so similar to the fire valk one?
  16. Finished the landing gears.
  17. The eyes looks a lot better, you should reduce the size of the nose and lips. Very nice.
  18. Here my interpretation of the landing gears doors.
  19. Probably he doesn't even know what the heck dyrl is Don't beat him, he just needs help.
  20. My first valk is in the trash Take more time for surface preparation before painting and do a lot of tests, before painting all should be perfect, fix after painting its a bad thing IMO. (especially with non-sandable paints) Small scale models hate thick layers of paint, be careful to not overdo, the airbrush its your Pal, humbrol enamels are my arch-enemy. Use a flat coat finish as suggested, it will hide minor imperfections and decal but keep in mind it doesn't do miracles. Good luck
  21. I hate dirt looking, I pay lot of attention on the paint job as the seams and other plastic faults, unluckly I doesn't look so clean as it does in the pics cause the camera can't catch the minor imperfections and details. as far it looks decent I'm happy, my attempted yf-19 looks garbage compared to it. I'm really taking my time, dunno how much hours..... I started it on august the 26th, some days I spent a lot of time on it some days few hours, some days didn't even touched it, as I'm a beginner I'm moving very carefully to avoid big mistakes, I suppose I'll finish the next models quicker. I have to pay a lot of attention with clear parts and canopy expecially cause its a totally new field for me and I canopies aren't easy stuff. BTW, I finished the landing gears stuffs few hours ago, tomorrow I'll start to paint it, I'd like to to add some red portion to the doors interior like in this picture Dyrl game's intro show red interiors for airbrake and flaps so it shouldn't be so uncanon. Thanks A lot of people does a lot of vf-1 already so I tought about doing a color scheme done more rarely.
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