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  1. Watched it and in the slim minority that doesn't quite like it. It was watchable, but I never digged into it. Also, it suffers from the same kid meets nirvash and Eureka and goes on a larger than life adventure. Sigh. And as I stated before, its not the smoothness of the animation I'm after, its doing the pain staking frame by frame animation traditionally seen that really impresses me. I thought I made a thread about this at one time.
  2. So I'm late for the party, and watched the Frontier episode 1 just earlier tonight. Can I say I'm totally underwhelmed? I understand there's a cliche start for many Mecha animes where the pilot wishes he could fly the skies and so just conveniently happens that such a desired mech crashes before his feet and he's like ALLLLLLLLLLLRIGHT. LISTEN TO MY SO-. I've seen countless mecha animes that use this formula of KID WANTS TO BE A PILOT, WAR ERUPTS NEAR KID, SUCH TECHNOLOGY CRASHES TO KID, KID HOPS IN AND STARTS TO KICK ASS which all just so happens to transpire within the first episode to "kick start" the series I'm utterly sick of it (I must say though, Gurren Lagann's take of it was quite hilarious and fresh, I don't know why, but that I enjoyed). I don't mean to take it out soley on Macross Frontier, but you know when the horse is dead, yet you keep beating it with the cliched ugly stick to make it bleed somemore of the same old formula. One may argue, "well what do you expect, its how many mecha-style stories start, it's an unwritten rule", and I'll just go, "fine"... As for the animation, yes, the CG is well done, but this makes me miss old school 80's and 90's traditional animation so much more. It's a real pity we'll never see any mecha shows animated alla DYRL or even Macross Plus. What I don't like about CG animated flight scenes is that its the paradox of animation, its TOO smooth, and loses out on the slight jitteriness that makes 80's high quality animation, well, nostalgic. I still found Macross Zeros use of CG not nearly as distracting and managed to mix the right amount of CG to still make it look 2D without having to step into 3D boundaries. The characters are passable, though I have no liking for Alto nor Cherill at this moment. Those will just have to grow on me as the series progresses. Will I continue to watch Frontier? Yes, absolutely. I'm interested to see how much they can explore after 25 years of maturity and its only the first episode, but I'm keeping my reservations and my hype down. Did I see any big pluses so far? Hell yes. I LOVE the fast packs for the VF-25s. Very stylish and it does suit well, 50 some odd years of mankind's progression in the Macross timeline from the first series up to now. There's my 2 cents. Here's to episode 2.
  3. No wonder my screen is taking close to 30 seconds or more to load up the blades when I exit a game. Good thing I'm doing solo games - specifically Bioshock, which I normally hate horror or creepy type games, but damn this just takes the cake in terms of atmosphere and story telling so far. THIS ONE IS TOO FAT THIS ONE IS TOO TALL THIS ONE IS WHY DO HUMANS HAVE TWO EYES WHY DO THEY HAVE TWO LEGS, TWO ARMS, TWO BREASTS, ITS TOO SYMMETRICAL - AND I SHALL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Doctor, I would like a face lift. Ohhhhh let's perform facial surgery. My scalpel please. Wait.....doctor......STOP CUTTING! Just a few more insertions GET ME THE CHIEF MEDICAL WARD ----- ~~~~~~~~~~~ What Picasso the Spanaird did with a paint brush to human faces, I shall do the same with a surgical knife!
  4. Ah yes, that repeated gunfire is both prevalent on both the 360 and PS3 versions as experienced by myself. It's annoying, but a glitch that occurs quite frequently. I have played terrorist hunts where it says there is 1 remaining tango, but he never shows up! We eventually fail the mission because time runs out =/. I haven't had freezing at the opening screen, but yes, the MP does have a few bugs. The SP works fine so far.
  5. A laptop mat, I should try this out. And where is it buggy in the R6 Vegas? Most of the SP worked fine for me and I've played through it twice.
  6. Is there an automatic MUTE ALL IN FORUM button, or do you have to do a player by player basis.
  7. I avoid H3 really all together as the single player was pretty bland and underwhelming. There was one time a 12 year old had quite the "vocaularic audaucity" with the most colorful of languages to comment about said username during a session of R6 Vegas. Thankfully the host and 2 other mature players kicked him out pretty quickly, and he was added to the block list.
  8. Post pictures of your video game console and/or PC setup! As stated in the title, I’ve cultured a rather bizarre internet hobby, and that is to check out other people’s various gaming/pc/HDTV setups to get ideas of how I would set mine up. Throughout my explorations on various sites including CNET, [H]ardforum, AVSforum, IGN, and the likes, I’ve seen the good, bad, and absolutely ugly. In this thread, post pictures of your HDTV, PC and entertainment media setups, just for fun. A few simple rules to follow: 1) Keep images to a maxium of 800 X 600 (or smaller) to not stretch the forum tables. 2) Host your images on photobucket, imageshack, or other image hosting websites. Do not attach your images. 3) Post a clear description of what is in your setup including the specs for your TV/PC/Consoles to reduce spam posts that just depict a picture of your setup with not any real discussion value. 4) Please please please! Try to get the best picture that is possible with a decent digital camera. Nothing makes your setup look worse than it really is with a terribly poor web camera/cell phone camera gimmick. I understand not everyone here can exactly afford an SLR or high quality digital camera ( I just so happened to get a Canon Rebel XT SLR just recently) but try to minimize the blur and maximize the focus with good lighting and all. 5) Mods are free to adjust any of the rules as they see fit, naturally. So to kick things off, here’s my setup: Samsung LNS 4095D HDTV LCD – 40 inch Xbox 360 Elite Playstation 3 60 GB upgraded to 160 GB Playstation 2 - big box old school style – 39000 SCPH Nintendo Wii Panasonic DVD-S53 Monoprice 5 X 1 HDMI switcher Sennheiser 555s for audio (not pictured) SHOW ME YOUR TIE!
  9. That is what NOT to do, it even said so in the instruction booklet =D. Mine is vertically now, and there really is no reason for me to put the 360 console horizontally. Even my Wii is vertical, which fits perfectly in my TV stand case. I think this is somewhat of a reason for me even wasting $30 a on that Intec vertical glow stand that does cooling at the same time, just incase I did knock it over, somehow.
  10. That is correct. Creed for $39.99 CDN / about $40 USD for both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Again, this is not the normal price, its usually $59.99. I'm honestly playing other games more than that now, after killing my first target. Hearing I have to do this 9 times out of the many reviews I read was more of a chore than anything else. I just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Might start either Orange Box or Bioshock tonight.
  11. One major benefit of the External HDD though is you can do a system backup that saves your PS3 system state as well as all game saves. It takes up about 4-7 GB of space depending on how much stuff you have on your HDD to begin with, but extremely worth the time and effort to do (which is press a few buttons and MAKE SURE the power doesn't go off when its backing up), but a relatively very safe operation to do. I should make a habbit to do this every 3 months or so.
  12. True, however I still consider the flexibilty and ease of a PC to store my MP3s and movies more user friendly and not having to worry about too many compatibility issues, and connect the PC to my HDTV to basically arrive at the same "media hub" solution.
  13. The PS3 needs to have the Hard Drive in FAT32 format. However, I’ve tried using an external HDD 500 GB Seagate Free Agent on it and had the same “problems” as you. Having an external HDD defeats the purpose since you cannot perform downloads in the background no matter how you format your HDD – one of the major points of having a larger hard drive in the first place. Instead I got an INTERNAL 2.5 SATA II 160 GB5400 HDD from Seagate – the ones used in laptops (so there are no compatibility problems as the original HDD is a Seagate brand) and replaced it within 10 minutes. This procedure does NOT void your warranty, as it is described how to perform this in your PS3 instruction book, but there are plenty of internet tutorials out there, and you don’t need to be an electronics expert to do this. I don’t know too much about computers and I could easily pull this off. And having 300 GB for your PS3 is well, somewhat redundant, unless you plan to keep EVERY single demo released and play them constantly, again defeating the purpose of getting a retail version of the game.
  14. Indeed, after owning all 3 of the current consoles, I do like each of them somewhat equally, however now I'm spending most of the time on the 360 due to the tons of games I'd love to try (despite many of them are also cross platform with said PS3). I really don't care who wins or what the market conditions are, I just want to have fun.
  15. After a crazy Boxing Day sale (Canadian version of Black Friday on Dec 26), I managed to snag 4 Xbox 360 titles at Best Buy and received 1 as a gift. Assassin's Creed $39.99 Bioshock $39.99 The Darkness $19.99 GRAW 2 $19.99 And received Orange Box as a gift. I planned on picking up Ace Combat 6 as well, but it was selling at the regular $59.99 price, I'd forgo it and work on the other games as well. So far I have 12 games in my colleciton, not bad considering I've owned the console only for about 2 weeks including the very underwhelming but somewhat enjoyable Halo 3, the GOTY material Mass Effect and Gears of War, beating both those on the weekend. Dead Rising was pretty good, and got through all the case files on my 2nd try. The package also came with Forza 2 and Marvel, both which I haven't spent much time on. And I've beaten R6 Vegas 2 times already (which I also beat on the PS3 version). Does anyone here experience their Xbox 360 shutting down after maybe 20 minutes of inactivity if you are in the dashboard and don't touch anything? I don't have the auto shut down enabled, but mine just completely shuts down and wondered if its a built in mechanism. I bought this Elite just on December 17th or so. Also, as posted above, my Live username is Delicious Bunny.
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