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  1. ychanus

    Hi-Metal R

    Ah, so its a ball joint that I can just pull it out from the hip socket right? Thanks!
  2. ychanus

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone have idea how to fix Hi Metal R VF-1 hip joint? I have the Messer VF-1S and it has a very loose hip. It is especially after I put on the Fext armor parts, its body just keep tipping forward.
  3. NY is a japnese company. They only work in yen or else they will have to pay exchange themselves. Showing the US rate on their website is moreof customer service, so you don't need to convert it yourself and wonder how much it really is. Ultimately, we won't get away not paying the exchange transaction fee. Instead of paying in US dollars and take a hit from paypal exchange rate, pay the yen price directly with your credit card, my credit card gives slightly better deal than paypal.
  4. Please PM me too. I'm getting really frustrated.
  5. All of the sudden HLJ preroder is done.. completely slipped through, well as usual.
  6. Just chill, it is just toy. Supply < Demand I bet Bandai is producing as many as they can for each run. It'll come again I guarantee it.
  7. Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Bump Last day, no one is bidding.
  8. Hi there, my new born baby will be due soon, so need to clear up my collection. I have this very nicely painted GP03 Dendrobium for sale. This thing is huge and incredible. Please check it out. Pictures shows the actual item. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330449601391&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Link here: Start at only 74.99 and no one is watching Hopefully you guys interested won't miss this deal.
  9. I hate to change topic, but is "anime-export" reliable? I'd like to pre-order a couple of valks.
  10. I just got the v2 VF-1S Hikaru and I love it. However, I keep hearing a DIY on shoulder fixing, can someone point me to the thread on this topic. I can't seem to find it. I'm curious to know if my valk has shoulder problem later, if I'd be able to fix it myself. Thanks!
  11. FYI, most latest MG kits has poseable hands with hole on the palm that will hold the weapons without need to use its fingers. However, I think Bandai kit and toy are different divisions that they don't share ideas. Look at how different the model and toy usually are of any of the same Gundam.
  12. I don't understand you guys, this figure is HOT! The only problem is too expensive. Boyish face?? your kidding right? Her legs may be too long, I'll give you that. The whole DYRL post just looking damn good. I wish I can spend $350+ for a figure..
  13. I actually already loosen the screws when I first got it and heard about the shoulder problem. And it still crack on me. It is a real crack that with separation. However, I'm trying epoxy now. Getting replacement doesn't guarrantee to fix it, as there is still a chance they will just send me an old version of unbroken shoulders. And then it is just a time bomb.
  14. I have heard you guys talk about the crack shoulder before, and now seeing it on my own VF-0 make me wonder if any of you have found a way to fix it. Had someone recast the part with stronger plastic? BTW, getting replacement from HLJ is too rich for my blood. Hope to hear some suggestions. Thanks!
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