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  1. Here is an idea: Support Mospeada for an entry in a Super Robot Wars game, have Tats and BW work together on something basic, both of them benefit, slowly they reduce their hate over time, and once they do then have them negotiate with HG and the like. It might be a silly idea but it is better than nothing.
  2. If you guys really want to give away your money give it to Colossal Kaiju Combat. It is a series of video games coming up from Sunstone Games spearheaded by Simon Strange who has made several giant monster games including the Godzilla Atari trilogy and Rampage: Total Destruction. Every 6 months we have sponsorships involving raffles to see 48-9 fan-made monsters get their own trading cards and some time this month the free Kaijuland Battles game will be released. http://kaijucombat.com/wiki/doku.php We even have best selling author Jeremy Robinson licensing his Project Nemesis novels! If you guy want next sponsorship I could make a Macross World Robo.
  3. Just saw it an hour ago. I.... Really wanted to love this movie to the same level of the rest of the MCU sans Iron Man's trilogy (not that is was bad, just not perfect). I have some nitpicks as to why the heroes get back stories while the villains are incredibly vague (Why is Thanos considered so powerful? What is Nebula's origin? How was Ronan's family killed?). Basic bits that could have been elaborated upon, but not the big complaint. Unfortunately that goes to the pop songs. Said songs are NOT bad by any means (they are classics), the issue is that they feel so random with no tone consistency to the scenes they are in. It is a shame because I think they could have done the retro sci-fi angle, but they could have done them at more fitting scenes if that makes any sense. Why not talk about the positives? Because everything else in this movie is positive! Even that end credits scene. Even my inner nerd is not complaining about tidbits (they even displayed the home worlds of Groot and Rocket Racoon, neat!). So yes, I enjoyed it even if I do not agree it is "as good/better than Avengers" territory.
  4. US fans are not helping him, foreign fans are. These movies are successful because of the foreign markets. In other news Box Office Mojo recently confirmed this is now in the top twenty highest grossing movies of all time. About 170 or so million left and it will trump Dark of The Moon.
  5. It was announced at Comic-Con. Veps forgot to mention Rodan is in it too, but I cannot blame him as some news articles left that detail out. Then again would you trust this guy?
  6. Ratner changed very little in X3 during production, the guy was added late in-game, he really does not deserve the flak people give him for that. I also find it hilarious that he did actually make a legitimately terrible movie (Skyline) and yet, SOMEHOW, nobody seems to care about that.
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