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  1. Man thats crazy, LOL, I need your skills
  2. Ok wait so you are selling the larger one? or am I confused?
  3. Right now this is only for the smaller version right? I am looking to buy the 1/5000 if I can.
  4. LOL. I think it will look good once I am done. Mech if you do find time to work on the Car, let me know the cost, I will pay you. Right now I am working getting the building parts. Evergreen and Verlinidin is my hero!
  5. Actually no i dont. I wish I did, Most of my old Dioramas are back in Louisiana. I am however going to start construction of the Buildings and get my supplies very soon. I just need to do some research. I am working on the Decals now. thats takes lots of time in itself. So I have to study the picture alot. take notes, and start looking for parts. I will show you a pic of a kit I did a long time ago and I can promise you it will look very good. Just give you an Idea of the detail MechTech The guns will be perfect. Nice brass to allow me to edit them. The problem with the Wave Guns is that they are sticking up and thats whats wrong with the Head. if you were to lay them flat on the face like they are supposed to be it will look like a different kit. Also I need to square the top of the visor and bottom jaw a little more, then it will look correctly. I will have to cut and remove the shoulder and arm, but a bullet hole in the face plate and riddle it with bullet holes. So see how I can make damage to a Kit i will show you. Its all in the OIL Paints a person use. Thats right Artist Oils, Such Burnt umber and Black. Can find them in your local Craft stores. I know some of you have seen these pics but it will give you an idea of battle damage I can create. Thanks Mech, it wont be for a few months, but I will Pay for the car if possiable to have it made. Thank you very much.
  6. yeah I hear it 60-70 bucks for the kit. I know why you guys are calling it jar jar and Kermit. Its the Front guns. they are up like a frogs eyes and jar jars. I know how to make this thing work. I have pre ordered 4. I know I have a while but I know I will be making this kit look pretty damn awsome when I am done.
  7. Sorry Rob just went back in read that, I sound like a jerk. Did not mean it that way. I was having a bad night, and I took it out on something dumb. please forgive. Your right its does look not right, but I can fix it, I know I can. Carl
  8. Ok well I will buy it and fix it, I know I can
  9. Anytime My friend. What we are here for
  10. You guys have to admit, the kit is NOT that bad. Now its NOT Johns Kit and that I rate with the Highest regards. But its a nice kit, if it were not for John and for Wave, we would be looking at the old IMAI kit only. Just like any other kit we can modify and make what we feel is the best. Since the Kit does not come out until June, that gives me time to buy the Materials to work on the building for my Diorama.
  11. Max has always been somewhat of a Cobalt Blue. here is a blue color Chart. But Cobalt blue is really the color for my choice. Hey you make the pick and see how you like it. You can find this paint color out their too. I know Testers makes this color. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobalt_blue
  12. Thanks Gunny, Yeah I could use those too. The Yamato Decals have the Exact replica for this tomahawk. here is a picture I could find. but I Need a good scan of it 8( I would be willing to bet someone has one around here.
  13. Hey guys, I am sorry to pop in on your forum, I am mostly from the Model side of things. But I am working on making some decals and I could really use a Scan of the 1/60 Tomahawk and Defender Sticker Decals. If anyone is able to help with a very nice scan of them I would really be appreciated. Hope I did not post in the wrong place. Thank you for any help you can assist me. Carl
  14. Sweet I pulled it off! Video Capture for the Win!!! Anyone have Scans of the Yamato 1/60 Decals??? This will be for the win!!! Would be a score in my book if anyone had a VERY good scan of them?? Carl
  15. Yeah He does have the Kermit the Frog Looking face. BUT you can fix that. The face on the Tommy is more square around the top of the Jaw( above the Green visor) So its possiable to sand it more square, When I build the kit, I will have to do that. This is the kit thats going to make me buy a new Air Brush and Paints and supplies and get me to have my Paints sent from Louisiana. Also I am and have been producing Decals for this while I have been wating for it to be released. DarrinG thats me, I am making that Diorama when these guys come out. Here is the Decals i am working on for this Diorama. And yes I plan on Relaseing them for Sale. Here is the Pic I think your looking for too. Notice the Torso Decal and the Yellow Leg Markings. I am going to do this Kit and Diorama Justice. I could NOT bring myself to Bashing the heck out of one of Johns Kits for this. But for the Wave Kit its worth it. ( now I need to ask Mechtech, IF he can commision the Car in 1/72 scale for my diorama I will have to pay him nicely
  16. For me it would be Matt White Or simi gloss, That way it would be more to the true way they paint fighter jets in Real life.
  17. Looking to buy a Scramble on Yavin, Battle pack. Please send PM. Thank you. Ranger565 AKA Carl
  18. I still see that they are still using the DYRL VF-1A head. NOT the TV Version Head. So that will have to be modified if you want it for the TV version. but thats a very easy mod. Here is a few pics of a kit I started but never got to finish. Due to my move. and you can see the difference in the heads, Remember this is a kit that was never finished. Maybe one day.
  19. OK SICK! TV Version and the PILOT is RIGHT!!! SWEET! Ok it might just be time to Import all of my Model tools from Louisiana! Also THE Cockpit does NOT have that Added Line that you have to sand off and buff like the 1/72. Looks like they learned form that mistake.
  20. I have a 1/100 VF-4 Kit. Yellow Sub, Original Kit. It never came with decals. but you can paint it and apply your own. If you are up for it I will post a pic. I am known around here so I am legit seller. Carl
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