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  1. Bandai only had 12 Spiral Zone Releases……I'm still miffed about that!
  2. Is the Tenjin Dinner Fundraiser completely Booked yet? Any openings? Thank You! LF
  3. No problem! Listening to Humming Bird 123 right now at work... Thank you! LF
  4. So here it goes, I work at Fender in Corona where the USA American Standard, custom shop, Jackson/charvel and Gretsch Custom Shop guitars are produced. For a custom made guitar that had to pay a license to the design owner, ¥350,000 is not a bad price for this guitar. Guitars regularly sell for this price and this guitar is priced accordingly. The equivalent of what we make a Jackson guitar start at this price. Japanese guitar making is some of the best in the world and is priced very well. I would kill to own this guitar. My department at work knows Firebomber as I'm always playing Macross music at work. I have a Basara picture hanging at my desk and everybody knows Power to the Dream because I'm always blasting it. Fender or Jackson would have no problem producing this guitar and it would have been cool to produce it, trust me I would have been the campion in supporting its production especially for the fact Fukuyama playes Fenders, it absolutely kills me that we didnt make it. looks like ESP and the powers at be at Macross established a relationship long ago that's finally paying off for them. Fenders do excellent in Japan since they were first introduced in the 50s stop by the Yamano store in Ginza and be blown away. Although we did a special Evangelion guitar a few years ago for an anime event Fender tends to miss these great opportunities in Japan. Good for ESP for pulling this one off! Well done! Leonardo
  5. Beautiful! I just bought this kit last week, looking forward to building it! Leonardo
  6. I saw the build up kit of this at Yodobashi-Akiba a couple of weeks ago. My first reaction was it was great seeing it in person as it was a surprise! At a quick glance I loved it but upon looking at the small details there are some odd deatails like the hinged side heel plates and my big issue is the small arms. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be in person. Overall it's a new VF-1 kit and I'm looking forward to building it. I'm curious how the build pattern is going to be as well as the small details. Andrew and I will be doing a co-review on collectiondx about this from both a toy collector and modeler point of view. Leonardo
  7. Yes Skecthly, I picked up my factory for buy it now ¥2500 on Yahoo auctions. Glad I waited! Leonardo
  8. ...and last but not least I just finished the Arii 1/100 Spartan and with that I finished all four 1980's 1/100 Destroid kits. It's a family reunion! Leonardo
  9. Let me watch the anime again, but I believe they medium cream green, it could just be the old Arii/Imai kits are so burned into my head I don't know any different! LF
  10. WOW! I love that figure! Glad its going to be closer to my side of town. Please put me on the volunteer list as usual. I hope we will have dealers at this location, its no fun not being able to buy tons of items! Leonardo
  11. Just finished my Hikaru VF-1J! I really just wanted to build this out of the box with few extras. Pain in the arse kits but they are very rewarding when finished. You can check out the entire review here at Collection DX http://www.collectio...1/vf1j_valkyrie Thanks! Leonardo
  12. I'm planning to make a quick switch and paint my 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1 kit in Hikaru's TV VF-1S markings and inquiring what paint color matches the overall green color on the boosters the best? I prefer Mr. Color, Tamiya or Model Master but any color match would be helpful. Thank you in advanced. Leonardo
  13. Super Clean!!! Well done! I have one of these coming for review for CollectionDX and looking forward to building it! Your finish is an inspiration! Leonardo
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