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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a Yamato VF-11B. Preferably trade rather than sell. Things I have for trade: VF-31a (both sealed and opened) SDF-1 Arcadia (non-premium, opened for contents check only) Hi-Metal R Missile Regults (sealed) Other things I'm looking for: 1/48 Yamato VF-1 (preferably VF-1S Roy and strike pack) HMR VF-1S Roy Strike HMR VF-1 Cannon Fodder/Brownie
  2. Hi and thanks for looking, been a member for some time now, mostly as an admirer and frequent buyer in the For Sale forum. The majority of these items were purchased here on this Forum. This is my first time selling, you can find my name on the straight shooters topic as a reliable buyer. Let's get to it! With two daughters getting older, this hobby of mine is taking up too much room. I am going to echo common sentiment here: US continental buyers only, prices assume personal gift payment, shipping is not included and will be charged per your preference. I am not looking for trade, pleas
  3. Years ago there were people selling resin hip replacements for the VF-11B original Yamato line (pre-fastpack update). And I was dearly hoping that someone either is still selling the hip replacements. After years of debate I finally opened up my VF-11b which I regret as I just pulled it out of the box and held it and saw in slow motion one of the legs fall off. So to reiterate, I am looking for a VF-11b Hip replacement kit which used to be sold on here years ago. Or the very least pointed into the right direction to get them.
  4. My hobbies have gone away from collecting, so I thought I would let some other people get more enjoyment out of my valks. I live near Pittsburgh, PA and prefer payment via Paypal (buyer pays any fees). YF-21 asking price $250! YF-19 asking price $100! Pictures: Yamato 1/60 VF-11B with fast pack: $300 plus cost of shipping SOLD I actually purchased the 19 and 21 off of people on this forum years ago so I can't really say how much or little they were transformed but, personally, I only transformed them once or twice. They are still in good shape, although the 19 is a little loose as is
  5. Hello I have a Chogokin GE-01 Genesis of Aquarion Forced Attack Type, I am looking to sell or trade. The toy is lightly used. I transformed it once, then it has been displayed for a couple of months. Everything is included. The box has discoloration. My price is $240 obo Here is a link to someones site showing pics of the toy. http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Dice/4403/bantaka/akueri/akueri3.html
  6. like the title states, im looking for a vf-11b yamato 1/60. dont care about the box, but the toy has to be in good condition with no broken parts. If interested in a trade, I have a dx aquaion attack force type
  7. Hello all, this is my first post so be kind, lol. I am looking for a VF-0(A, D, or S), Please let me know if anyone has an extra they are willing to trade or sell. For trade: I have a Toysrus Masterpiece Soundwave with all accessories and Ravage, Rumble (2x) and Frenzy (2X) cassettes (never been transformed, just opened to verify contents, Original Owner) No longer Available A Macross Plus VF-11B v1 plus cash A Macross VFX 2, VF-19 plus cash
  8. Here is my latest completed work. Hasegawa's 1/72 VF-11B Thunderbolt from Macross Plus. Cockpit Detail: And with this kit finished, I have finally completed my Macross Plus collection!
  9. Hi all! I have some 1/60 Yamato Macross Plus valks for sale. I have always loved Macross (and Macross Plus specifically), but it is time for me to part with my very modest collection. I bought these valks using the Macross World Forums and I wanted to offer them here first before I went anywhere else. For sale are the 1/60 YF-19, YF-21, and VF-11B. I also am selling the Fast Packs for the YF-19. Details for the YF-19: My favorite valk by far (although the figure itself fell short of my expectations). This one has been transformed the most, and unfortunately has been messed with the most. T
  10. So long story short I had some friends over a few days ago, we were checking out some of my toys, and someone DROPPED my 11B. I feel a piece of me missing without an 11B in my collection, so I need a new one. Must be in good condition, preferably no stickers applied, MUST contain all accessories and original box. I am looking for an 11B with super parts, no 11C's! So let me know what you've got and we'll see if a deal can be struck, US sellers preferred but I'm open to other options, I'm on the straight shooters list so just let me know, I'm counting on you MW!
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