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  1. mech9T8 is a great seller to do business with! Thanks!
  2. Looking for a Joke Machine Max VF1-J head and Joke Machine Armor of any color.
  3. I don't think you understood what I said..... What Moore said seems to be worded depending on who you get the info from...
  4. Doing a google I have seen Moore saying "Not in the picture, not at the table and not sitting at the table." Who really know what he said at this point..... I am still on Helo. His humble caring character is what is missing from the others......
  5. 4 Fansubed episodes available at anime-suki
  6. Fansub of first 4 chapters available at Animesuki
  7. Not at the table seems vague and misleading.....
  8. I have been lurking this thread for a while...... Maybe...... the four that found out they are Cylons are probably just humans with certain DNA sequences that make cross breeding possible... The half breeds lose their Cylon abilities and become more human. The interbreeding breeds out the pure Cylons. The Cylons and humans then become one race again. The circle of man creates, machine rebels and both sides almost die continues..... Maybe the final Cylon is really Helo....
  9. Picked up Titanium Pegusus and Classic Cylon fighter tonight at local Target
  10. Is the audio on the bootleg decent? Just rip the audio from it and add the new video.....
  11. So what the hell was changed??? 25 pages.... Can someone just list what was changed???
  12. I see.... I didn't realize you were into that kind of thing... 410641[/snapback] Look at those high heels! There are no tail feathers on his feet! The MPC version 2 "Electric Boogaloo" is dead on!
  13. I didn't catch your opinion yet........ What is it again?
  14. Shoji Kawamori turned it into a valk...........
  15. Although I did not care for the "animal" concept, I did enjoy the Beast Wars show. Few characters with lots of focus. The tie with the original series was a nice touch. Of course, there really is no official timelime so take it or leave it. Great thing about Beast Wars toyline was that there was not 80 fricking characters at the store. Kids could save there cash and buy the figs. Newer TF lines are just wave after wave. Kids can't keep up with it. I thought some of the toys were okay but alot were kibble monsters. I liked the animation style of Beast machines, but did not care for the organic concept. We finally get a show on Cybertron and they turn the planet into a ..... What kind of hippie crap are they trying to push my way.... The toys were also just kind of meh. There were a few good ones but most were just nothing fantastic.
  16. Animation quality does not matter to me if the story is good. Old or new I just want a decent story.
  17. That Mr Wolf using his wisdom (from age) to manipulate younger women.... What kind of role model is that????
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