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  1. I got two Vf-31AX from them that came packed very well, but those are the only two orders i have with them that have shipped. The other is the super parts for the 31ax, so i can give another update once those ship.
  2. If you are in the states, you are better off with the stores that have it at 219 with free shipping (entertainmentearth.com, Thechosenprime.com) I discovered this with the metal build Justice Gundam. Works out to be about $10-15 cheaper even when using the cheapest shipping option. Then again, I'm in FL, so maybe less if on the west coast.
  3. @Pontus EXACTLY why I rarely ever use it Plus the range is pretty lousy. I have to stand the Gundam figures almost against the back for it to work correctly. And as you mentioned for safety purposes, I always keep it unplugged and only pull out the modded Gundam kit when I want to show people a nifty low effort upgrade. BUT it works!
  4. Sqidd is correct https://www.showzstore.com/gomo-wireless-led-lighting_p1850.html (I have one of these and it works pretty well)
  5. What are the odds that the vf-31s gets a reissue? i missed the boat on that one, and now im kicking myself.
  6. I need to get one. i didn't know replacement parts were even available. When you got your set, how was the quality? $25 for something with a comment starting they weren't good is not making me feel warm and fuzzy.
  7. I just found out about the preorder for the 31F a minute ago, so i'll ask him tomorrow to get me the details. He doesn't order these unless someone makes a special request. I'll post back once I have an answer to your other questions. I haven't organzied a group buy on these yet so this may be the first. Stay tuned
  8. Lets say i knew a guy that was able to get their hands on a few of these. They run a retailer in the states but are not allowed to sell them on their site. How many of you would be interested? (The price would be competitive but not as cheap as HLJ preorder window, but CHEAPER than post release NY)
  9. hasn't opened up yet
  10. At least you got a confirmation email... I emailed their help and got THAT message instantly, yet I'm passing 45 minutes on my order conformation. I'm getting a bit concerned at this point
  11. Got my order in at HLJ back in the first minute, and still don't have my email confirmation. The site says email confirmation was sent. Hoping my email service is just awful.
  12. Thanks Techno, Now I'm not as paranoid. got burned by one of the other stores (Play-Asia i think) on the yf-30 that left me scrambling for a non-scalper price.
  13. Thank you! So is CD Japan good about filling all preorders?
  14. Officially processing at NY for a full week now...
  15. Anyone know if this is going to be substantially different from the Yamato release? The only problem with my Yamato one is that it is somewhat of a floppy mess.
  16. I had to go through NY as well since I was also among those screwed by Play-Asia. That's one retailer I'll never use again. NY may have higher shipping prices, but I've never been left without what I ordered from them either. It's a shame the windows at HLJ are so infinitesimally small when they get a new item in for preorder.
  17. The only complaint I have with Nippon-Yasan is that the preorder customers that miss the initial tiny batch, get screwed with super inflated prices. It's an insult that the day after a valk is released, it goes on clearance. After getting burned a couple times at $50+ each, I've learned my lesson. That's why I no longer pre-order anything through them. I had 1 issue with an order, but it worked out in my favor. I ordered a 2nd vf-171cf about 6 months ago, but they sent me a vf-171ex instead which goes for $50 more.
  18. Mine has been "preparing" over at NY for a full week now. Anyone else having this issue?
  19. I'm just frustrated. I've been watching all of the damn sites for days waiting for this, and in the middle of the night they sell out everywhere. I just want 1... NOT 2, or 3, just 1. What time does NY or HLJ normally open preorders? And do I need a facebook or twitter account to follow them to know when they will put them up for sale?
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