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  1. I have sympathy for those who were unaware of the NY thievery, not those who were warned and chose to turn a blind eye. In spite of members here and on TFW2005 READING the thread over two years ago, they still placed additional orders. Some people just don't learn until it actually impacts them personally. A white-listed IP could be any number of issues, and does not mean the site is gone. Sometimes this is how a hosting provider blocks customers from a site due to violation of terms (like fraud) or non-payment. This could also just be impacting only SOME customers (like those of us states-side). I just hope the site STAYS blocked. If people can't order or check order status, then maybe they will be smart and get their money back.
  2. If you are in the states, you are better off with the stores that have it at 219 with free shipping (entertainmentearth.com, Thechosenprime.com) I discovered this with the metal build Justice Gundam. Works out to be about $10-15 cheaper even when using the cheapest shipping option. Then again, I'm in FL, so maybe less if on the west coast.
  3. @Plasticgoose, Calling them wont do you any good. Been there, tried that. Since you are out of the CC protection window and clearly out of the paypal window, you have two options. Refund to points (which they will not honor) OR keep your order and communication history and report them. Report them using what @peter mentioned (which I have already done). I am sorry to say that odds are you are SOL like many of the rest of us.
  4. @peter Thank you for the info I've followed up on my case, but like you said, going to be very difficult without being able to read\write proper Japanese or speak it.
  5. @edstuff Get your money back. Period. If you give them any chance to "delay" outside of that window, you might as well piss that money away. And before anyone thinks they will be ok with "refund to points", stop. They DO NOT honor their points either.
  6. @Pontus EXACTLY why I rarely ever use it Plus the range is pretty lousy. I have to stand the Gundam figures almost against the back for it to work correctly. And as you mentioned for safety purposes, I always keep it unplugged and only pull out the modded Gundam kit when I want to show people a nifty low effort upgrade. BUT it works!
  7. Sqidd is correct https://www.showzstore.com/gomo-wireless-led-lighting_p1850.html (I have one of these and it works pretty well)
  8. SureThingToys has come through for me on several Bandai Metal Builds and their prices were not the jacked up prices like other places have. I can for sure give them a +1. Off topic on your question, but still relevant to the thread: <The first post should be updated to flag Nippon-Yasan as a fraud risk>
  9. Not that "Chat" was ever helpful to begin with, but they removed it back in late January, early Feb. The last chat transcript evidence chain I have is from 1/29. And I have NO idea why anyone would order anything from them.
  10. Any chance you and your wife would help facilitate our claims through this process? I've got a mountain of emails and documentation but have nobody to assist with the language barrier. (And you/wife would obviously be paid for the time spent helping)
  11. Ordered a pair myself. Hopefully the $35 is worth it Thank you again!
  12. Do you by chance have a link? Color doesn't matter, nor the price (within reason) Thank you!
  13. I found a link to the shapeways page for veef, messaged him, but haven't heard anything back yet :-( Anyone else know where I can get a set? Color does not matter (that's what paint is for).
  14. What are the odds that the vf-31s gets a reissue? i missed the boat on that one, and now im kicking myself.
  15. I need to get one. i didn't know replacement parts were even available. When you got your set, how was the quality? $25 for something with a comment starting they weren't good is not making me feel warm and fuzzy.
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