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  1. 6月23日情報公開 means June 23 information announce. And today announced June 24, 16:00 Japan time for preorder.
  2. Found the movie on pre-order at Amiami - https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=MED-DVD2-51605 CDJapan - https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BCXA-1756?s_ssid=e37b0d62563e8c1aab
  3. Nippon-yasan URL now redirect to nin-nin game. Is that mean NY and nin-nin are the same company?
  4. Mine 1D has arrived today. My 1st 1D of my collection. It looks great.
  5. Just Armor set for now. This is TWE item. Next Wednesday is Armor parts with VF-1J DX and going to be sell on all general stores. PO madness expected. Good luck!
  6. My goodness. TWE seems to be getting more harder and I think general release is impossible for me anymore. Thank you members for sharing the available links. Grab 1 from Okini.
  7. Oh ok, coz I don't see that gun pod hand in the Armor Parts photo. Thanks levzloi!!
  8. I have not seen anyone mention about this, wondering the Armor Parts Only and Armor Parts + VF-1J, are they have the same contents? In the photo that shows Armor Parts only, it seems like not include any hands that can hold the gun pod. But the Armor Parts + VF-1J it comes with the hand that can hold the gun pod. Is that the difference? Or both comes with the hand that can hold the gun pod? Anyone know?
  9. Nice pose in this angle .
  10. The TV version Fast Pack is gorgeous.
  11. I recently had an unhappy experience with NY. I found that this company is so unprofessional and very bad service. The incident was about one of my purchase, ES Gokin Garland. The toy was keep delaying year and year, because I pay up front and the money was kept in NY, last year I was asking if I could cancel the order because I have been waiting a toy for like 5 years and still not exist. They kept telling me that the toy will be available since the beginning of 2019. I kept asking them to cancel and they ignore my email. Until Nov 2019, the product finally here. They finally sent me the toy. But since then, whenever I purchase anything, during payment checkout, there is an error and cannot complete the order. I used different browsers, different devices, different cards...no joy. I contacted their supports, no response at all. Basically, I am ready to give up this shop because such an unprofessional company and they are not only one in this world. If they don't care loosing business nowadays, good for them. But NY really has bad service and I only asking cancel for the first time. Paid the money for 5 years and got nothing, asking for cancel I think is normal.
  12. Tallman

    Macross figures

    It is a 3D render model.
  13. Nice collection! 1st time to see 64x 1:48 all line up together. I don’t think my home have enough space for these beautiful birdies.
  14. Tallman

    Hi-Metal R

    I wish bandai or arcadia make this armor. Then we have completed the heavy armored pack for vf-11c, vf-0s, vf-1j, vf-25s and vf-31s. Still dreaming...
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