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  1. Thanks to DarrinG for the gun straps - they look great!
  2. Wow, I am truly in awe of your modeling skills. This is great! Nghia had mentioned Duracoat a while back and I got some. Still don't have a finished valk painted with it, but I did a bunch of sprue tests and joints and can attest to its durability. I put a sprue in the lathe after curing (yeah, it does take a couple weeks for full cure) and put another painted sprue against it. It ran for several thousand rotations before it wore through. They also make two kinds, their normal one and a self lubricating. The SL is slightly more durable, but you're right about not weathering it. Don't know if you can get away with it on the regular. You might be able to do a wash with reduced duracoat after letting the base sit for about a week, but I wouldn't test that on this! Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Had a very good purchase from gwfalcon - all around great person to deal with. Thanks for the armour packs!
  4. Had a great transaction with skullmilitia. That 1/48 Woodland looks great!
  5. juan ubeda is a great seller. Packaged the valk so that it survived the post office's best attempts to destroy it without a scratch. Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks again! VJ
  6. I'm definitely in for one. Love the Panic Valkyrie!
  7. Had a fantastic transaction with davidwhangchoi. Great seller - fast shipping, great packaging, great communication. Thanks so much for the combo!
  8. Makes me feel a little bit better about getting into collecting relatively late so I missed a lot of my favorites when they first came out. Thanks to this community and some lucky finds on eBay, I was able to find most of the valks I was looking for without having to go the scalper route. Got a couple valks in the mail now, so it looks like I can let the wallet rest a bit once the VT-1 and grey goggle 1J combo come in this week. Or at least until Arcadia starts cranking them out!
  9. You know, I just got paid today and was watching that episode last night. You've got a PM on the way...
  10. That is brilliant! I love the wing extension and flaps. Great work!
  11. Had a great transaction with wickedpr1nce. Great communication, great packaging, fast shipping. Many thanks!
  12. Just started playing this weekend and wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone for all the information on here - it's really helped a lot since my wife is sick of me asking her to translate things for me. She did find it funny that some of the only Romaji in the game is when you die and it says "Disappointed at you." It somehow seems so much worse than "Mission Failed" or "You are dead" or "Game over!"
  13. Had a great transaction with Mark Warlock - highly recommended seller!
  14. I took a used one that I bought apart last year because it needed some repairs. It's pretty straightforward; the only caveat is that the springs used to push the plunger into the ratchet mechanism are REALLY tough to get back in. I'd recommend using some needle nosed pliers to compress it and a strip of duct tape in front of it to help catch it and get it squeezed back in. Also be careful getting it out - it flies pretty far. Good luck - it looks great!
  15. Great transaction with Xx-SKULL-ONE-xX. Thanks again!
  16. Had a great transaction with GianS - fast shipping, well packed, great communication.
  17. Just got mine and I agree - gerwalk looks sweet!
  18. That's amazing, Yufei!
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