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  1. Try to find someone with an SMD rework station if you have any electronics geeks or makerspaces in your life. It can precisely control the temperature of the hot air as well as being a pinpoint application of the heat. If the hair dryer didn't work, I'd be hesitant to work it with something as broad as a heat gun. Chyll2's suggestion of paint would probably be the way to go if you can't get to an SMD kit. Good luck!
  2. Totally agree. I just picked up a Milia 1J on a Japanese auction for waaaaaay less than that one, even with half the cost going to fees and shipping. Still, it does seem like the aftermarket prices just keep going up by the same group of HK and Japan based sellers making it seem like that's where prices have normalized. I think looking at ones that have actually sold and prices in the for sale forum are way more reasonable, if a bit higher than a couple of years ago.
  3. LOL - maybe you could fill the CFs with baking soda and vinegar and use them like old timey fire fighting grenades. Throw them at the fire hoping the chemical reaction will put it out. Note their valiant sacrifice, and hope Bandai does them a better v2!
  4. I do get the emails, but must have lost this one to the bit bucket. Thanks again!
  5. @xrentonx Just out of curiosity, how did you find it on CDJ? I had both the home page and a search for YF-29 refreshing and neither one showed the preorder link. Thanks again!
  6. Many thanks - got my first Bandai preorder!
  7. Hobbyshop2go.com has it...for 30000 yen! When you need secondary market pricing with preorder timing... http://www.hobbyshop2go.com/en/shop/products/dx-chogokin-yf-29b-perceval---da00ba89b-4bc1-4bdb-9f67-a447015c2928.html
  8. Shout out to BoBe-Patt for a great transaction. Fast shipping and great packaging. Would definitely buy from again. Thanks, man!
  9. Another +1 for Kanedas Bike. Great seller!
  10. Great purchase from sil80jdm - definitely would buy from him again! Thanks!
  11. John Hodgeman once said that the line between a collector and a hoarder is a display case. And that's exactly what I told my wife when I bought some more shelves for this and the 1/48 MM that are on the way... Great pictures, Saburo!
  12. Big props to JasonC - great seller, really helped me out of a jam. Thank you!
  13. Another positive for Deadeye_281. Great seller, awesome to deal with. Thanks again!
  14. Anyone notice their decal sheet with the white off register? Mine looks like they loaded it backwards for that pass of the silkscreen. Just wondering if it's a whole batch or if I just got "lucky." Sweet bird otherwise - thanks!
  15. Boroboy


    That is really sweet. Nice work!
  16. Another great purchase from Valk009. Fast shipping, great communication. Thanks again!
  17. Big thanks to Shaorin for the gunpod and other parts. Great guy to deal with - fast shipping, great communication. Many thanks! Also thanks to Valk009 - fast shipping, smooth transaction, very helpful.
  18. Just sent you a PM. Thanks!
  19. Kakizaki, what did you say Max was doing again? Love the straps. Thanks again, Darrin!
  20. Ideally, I'd like two of them, but I'll take what I can get. Thank you! VJ
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