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  1. nismogtrr32

    Hi-Metal R

    Tamashi Act 5 stands. I only see them online for 20 bucks though. Where can you find them for 10? Edit: Oh HLJ with November restocks.
  2. Which Valk and which scale would you prefer?
  3. nismogtrr32

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm hoping for this also. YF-21 and YF19 Hi-metal pls
  4. Macross Waifus. I just want more Valk on Valk action. Aslong as theres plenty of that I'll be happy.
  5. nismogtrr32

    Hi-Metal R

    Lol I think they transformed it wrong on one of the images
  6. Finally had time to do the VF-1. http://www.shapeways.com/product/JV3QCBKGM/vf-1s-1-350?li=user-profile&optionId=58095193
  7. I actually went ahead and resized them to 1/350 scale already. I don't know how much detail the VF-4 loses in that scale but here's a picture of a my YF-21 in 1/350 scale with a quarter. Thanks for the support! I'm probably going to do the VF-1 next since its probably the most popular.
  8. YF-21 I just like the resemblance to the YF-23 and F-22.
  9. nismogtrr32

    Hi-Metal R

    Ohh I didn't even notice the thing hiding the screw. How did you manage to pry that out? Where you able to do it with minimal damage?
  10. nismogtrr32

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm having the same issue with the gerwalk joint being stuck. How did you unscrew the joint?
  11. Thanks! I actually got those packs right after I posted yesterday.
  12. Ah it says that I have to do some of the hunter guild quest to unlock some of the races. Thanks!
  13. Oh I see. Any chance you know which chapter or mission they are? Thanks for the help!
  14. Yes. I got all gold on the races for both Yue and Jurgen thinking that after I complete them I'll unlock more races. Do the missions only appear after certain mission then disappear? I don't know what you mean by looking around the area do you mean the races load to a different map sometimes?
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