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  1. Been that long?! I guess time flies when your models sit on the shelf not built.
  2. I agree with everything you said WM, and there are definitely guys on here that have made/ are making it work. I ordered 2, opened one up and was a little disappointed. So I painted it aircraft grey, put the decals on and gave it to my son to play with. It made him so happy and he was super excited about it, so just with that I'll say it wasn't a complete waste of $$$.
  3. AmiAmi And probably any of the regular outlets except HLJ, they placed an ORDER STOP on it.
  4. I ran across this while searching for a different squadron. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Microscale-Decal-72-171-1-72-F-14A-Tomcat-VF-143-VF-124-VF32/282940614863?hash=item41e09328cf:g:GWgAAOSwstNaq3rZ
  5. Looking good NZEOD!
  6. Nice job Lt. I would've went blind on a 1/100 fighter.
  7. Mine came in on Wednesday, and then right to the bottom of the pile of other projects. Just as advertised I think, don't know how I feel about it being a snap-fit model but I guess it shouldn't matter, I'm gonna glue anyway.
  8. Appreciate your explanation but whatever ever he meant I hope it all works out for him. Tetsujin- Sorry to hear of all the flood damage and loss. I hope things get cleaned up soon and that Hasegawa pulls through for you.
  9. ??? Looks like you got your answer, hope it was the truth you needed.
  10. I only know of one way to get originals and you may not like the answer... There's a reorder coupon on the first page of the instruction sheet, it's in Japanese. Hasegawa will only accept the original coupon cut from the instruction sheet and they will only send to an address in Japan. There used be a member on here that would do this for you if you sent him the coupon and postage but he is no longer here.
  11. I'm with you ... cost of the kit + shipping + all the paint it's going to take to paint this thing + the divorce when the wife finds out what I spent on it.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yup, me too. I still have my Tamiya 1/32 Tomcat from the 80's that my parents got me for my 12th birthday... but it looks like an 8 year old did it.
  13. Painting those tiny things is going to suck!
  14. I was thinking the same thing, anyone know? Me too! I thought HLJ sent you a payment request first instead of automatically charging your PayPal account - at least I don't remember setting that up.
  15. Can we get a peek at the T-shirts that are being given to Skull and Delta Squadron ticket holders?
  16. I love these old toys, they bring back some awesome memories. I wish I still had them to pass on to my son but when your 10 years old you don't think about that kinda of stuff. He sounds like a really cool dad, Kelsain. Stay positive and he'll beat it.
  17. Oh yeah... this thing is going to be Boo-Koo bucks.
  18. OK, I've read all the comments - the good, the not so good... screw it.... PRE-ORDER COMPLETED!!!!!!!
  19. Here's my pending pile, And currently on the bench, I'm slowly working on the 1/48 strike and have been since my son was born 3 years ago... Man, babies take up a lot of your time.
  20. Removes the paint. I've heard of people using Pine Sol too but with disastrous results.
  21. I don't think Jefuemon is active on here anymore. He left this... I said on a different post that I've never met the guy but he seemed like a cool dude... sad that it doesn't look like he'll be contributing on here anymore, but he has his reasons and he left a way to get in touch with him.
  22. That's where the head sits. If you dremel it out there would be no where to mount the head or the head would end up being lower than the gun pod.
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