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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Just checked out the link, he does some nice work.
  2. HOLY GAWD... Awesome job!! Gotta level with you, I teared up a little bit.
  3. Hope your other project is going well. Hope your boss pod build is going well. Just wondering how the launch arm is coming along, I'd be interested in one if you make it available.
  4. Awesome job so far, I wish I had half your skills. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. I think there should be an english version of the assembly guide. Actually, hasegawa does a pretty good job, that step was the only part that got me.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I saw it from a different perpective, looking at the picture, I thought they were saying something had to be cut from the top of the part... I really need to learn japanese.
  7. To anyone who's started this kit, I'm confused with step 4 on the assembly guide, what is saying to do/ cut? Is this a step for the PE parts?
  8. I wish I had time to start mine Good to hear that your enjoying this build. I've built a few of the 1:72 scale Valkyrie's and there were some tiny a$$ pieces that didn't make building those very fun. .
  9. Thanks modelglue!!! I never would have thought about that...
  10. Yeah, I guess it was on your site... did you draw it?
  11. I found this on some Macross RPG site. Just wondering if anyone has done (or is thinking of doing) a ground crew set in EVA suits like this... I would do it for myself but in no way am I skilled enough to pull it off. If anyone can do it in 1:48 I would definitely pay for a set.
  12. Depending on the part. I would build sub-assemblies first, like fast packs, armor, fuselage, etc. then paint, then assemble those separate parts to make the whole strike fighter... Best rule, just take your time.
  13. Thanks again, Delta. Hope he's selling them soon.
  14. Thanks Delta. Where you getting the launch arm from? As far as a base color, I agree with joscasle, low viz grey.
  15. Wish I had time to start on mine... I have a newborn. Post some pictures of your progress.
  16. Thanks for all the awesome tips delta, hope your order comes in soon.
  17. Thanks for the insight!! I also read your post on the Commanchero... awesome work. Actually PetarB, I've seen a lot of your models... WOW, absolutely incredible!!!
  18. No worries, hope you're as happy as I was when I received my order. I've never worked with PE parts before, I understand there's more prep when it comes to painting them. I did see that the HUD is pretty small (at least for my fat fingers) and requires a few tiny parts from the same parts tree that the canopy is on. If anyone has any advice on working with photo etched parts, I'd love to hear it.
  19. Yes, they are compatible. I received the 4 I ordered a few weeks ago and I've been studying the assembly guide every night. Does anyone have an English translation for the assembly guide? I'm noticing a few assembly details to look out for that obviously were not on the smaller models.
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