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  1. On screen but, I spend too much time on lines. I draw at 600dpi and that picture above is at 63% zoom. So at full zoom my lines are around at quarter inch thick, in which I go back over them to make parts thicker and use the eraser to taper off the edges into neat little points, I feel it adds more character to the work that having all the lines the same thickeness... also makes it more interesting as I don't really like to color. Another thing I'll say is always draw past the point where your line will end, to make a hair 'spike' draw from the top to the tip and beyond, then cleanup with an eraser. This way your lines have a bit more form as you aren't stopping the smooth motion before the end. Around 40 layers of hair... :X
  2. Started inking her, the costume is a bit hold, simply because I haven't found something I'm happy with.
  3. Hello, decided to share my progress of an illustration I'm working on after discovering I haven't drawn any Macross (sans one Minmay pic I did 10 years ago... (Not even Basara/Mylene! ) For this work I was inspired by the final scene in Sayonara no Tsubasa when Sheryl take the stage for the final scene donning her Orleans/officer outfit bearing the flag as Alto flies into battle. I've got the idea in place and want to focus on Sheryl first, being center stage. Her likeness to me is a thin line. Looking at the figures of her it seems very easy for her character to get lost with her flowing golden locks.
  4. That is perfect! Exactly what I was thinking. One of er... the only reasons I thought of going Bandai was I wanted to build the entire squad in different forms (base/super/armored/tornado.) Great choice on downplaying the anime colors on the tornado pack, came out fantastic! Still sucks I'll have to grab another costly bandai kit just for the armored pack but, such is life.
  5. As the title states? Has anyone even attempted this? I've got the Bandai kit lying around and have alreadys snapped up my regular VF-25S and am already hating the transformation. With the Hase kits being so cheap I was wondering if anyone has attempted or preformed the surgery. I don't (yet) have the hase kit to hold them side-by-side but I imagine bandai is much thicker for starters.
  6. Mikumo's character definatly is getting interesting. I can't help but cringe watching the W-girls hacking in progress. Not as bad as episode 1's dance/fight but, seriously was distractingly bad.
  7. Mirage will get there eventually, especially if you want to go based off the power duo scene with her and Hayate in the into back-to-back fighting. I feel their comradery that they took up in episode 6 after Messer's lecture is the first step.
  8. Rock

    Kit's Power

    Some of your information I find odd. SMS is known for having amazing recasting qualities, particularly in the Gundam genre which is far from the picture you have painted. Also as far as I know they have been SMS for around 7 years I think, so I don't think the input about them closing down, and reopening under a different name is likely hood in this case. More like different casting companies all in the same house/ring. Don't get me wrong, I firmly dislike recasting nor am standing up for what they are doing. Some of the info just seems fishy, (nothing against the Mr. Fish.)
  9. Nice work Kenny, my only comment would the the bright white pops a bit too much IMO for the other softer camo colors used.
  10. I'm still wondering where the 1/72 Vajara are at that were shown in the initial release photos...
  11. Rock

    Kit's Power

    Price pending, they also have a macross booster! (link removed)
  12. love this one of Ranka, the Fire Bomber ticket is amazing!
  13. Replaced details on nose cone with pla plate as they seem to shallow after seam removal, will do the other set on the body likely accordingly.
  14. Thanks peter, that helps quite a bit. Nice build up by the way, fantastic canopy. I see you had some work (putty and primer) in the first batch of pictures? did you have to fill any mounts for the armor pack or is it removable? I was thinking on using magnets if I could as is look fantastic IMO with and without it. It looks like the intake and exhaust inlets/outles are rather shallow and detail-less, kinda hard to tell in the finished shots due to the angle but, if looks like it is just smooth and then you painted it black correct? That kind of a let down though, I suppose it is correct looking. I'll look for WMCheng's build but, so far results have been very thin. Wasn't even able to find your thread when searching for VF-2SS... Thank again
  15. Anyone seen any good build ups/pictures of the VF-2SS Super/Armored Pack resin kit? On the fence about buying an original off YJA. Searching for a couple hours all I could find was a horrible grainy and tiny pictures on Hobbyfanatics.com... :/ thanks in advance.
  16. I didn't vote, VF-25G for me. Sniper rifles looks sweet, and expecially this one with its fins.
  17. For me it is, Zero>DYRL>Frontier>Plus>SDF
  18. Edit: Payment Via paypal. Prefer us sellers. -got the wings. interested in buying either set of Sheryl Nome deculture decals (regular or armored versions.) Or Klan decals.
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