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  1. Topic says it all. PM with offers. Willing to accept used as long as it is complete and with no visible damage.
  2. At this point all have had some offers, I am accepting no more at this point. if any offers fall through I will update this thread.
  3. Wow my inbox is absolutely flooded already! Everyone who has messaged me or replied I'll be contacting on a first come first served basis.
  4. EDIT: All are currently spoken for. I will update this thread if any deals fall through. I've decided to refresh my collection, and I will be getting rid of some old toys. All are used, some have stickers applied, these aren't collector grade by any means. I'm not looking to make money off of these, but rather I feel they should go to a good home before they go in the garbage. So here we go: Yamato 1/72 VF-11B - $10 plus shipping: Broken hip join problem, but it is fixed now, probably works better than the original, and the fix is now visible in any mode. I have transformed it many times since then. One heat shield cutout missing. Yamato 1/60 V1 VF-1S Roy with strike parts - FREE not including shipping. Probably the worst of the lot, missing gunpowder, no box, so I will package it per your instructions. Yamato 1/60 V1 VF-1A Hikaru- $10 plus shipping. Used, comes with box and original accessories, some yellowing on various parts, PM for pictures. Some stickers applied. Yamato 1/72 VF-19A VFX blue paint scheme - $10 plus shipping. Comes with box and gunpod. This is the only one of the lot that has a sticker sheet still. These are not MISB or any kind of collector grade, by any means. While not abused, they were not well taken care of, and I'm posting this because I'd simply rather have someone enjoy them more than they wind up in a landfill. the prices are simply to pay for the time I spend packing them. PM for further details.
  5. Is the VE-1 still available? And will you ship to Canada?
  6. Actually on the note of Hasegawa references, I understand they were made using CAD techniques, and thus should perfectly line up with itself in all views. Does anyone have any high res pictures of this, as the references I'm currently using are from the Macross Mecha manual, and many do not match eachother in various views when you really get down to it. Other than that, any other high res, orthographically correct references would be appreciated if there are any floating around.
  7. I'd say a lot of that comes down to the lighting. It's pretty bright and nearly directly overhead, so seeing those angles is difficult. From other views they're fairly prominent. EDIT: An example with harsher lighting and a more angular view:
  8. And another update here:
  9. Well, the gunpod matches up with the schematics I have. As for the upper and lower legs, each are still separate objects, but I haven't modeled the intersection between them yet
  10. Bit of an update here, got the beginnings of a gunpod, upper arms, and some more detail on the upper intakes and upper legs, as well as some slight reshaping here and there: Also, back to clay renders for now, the colours were really just for testing purposes, as mentioned. Also, I'm aware of the slight smoothing problem at the back of the upper surface, and also the kneecaps are too big, already fixed
  11. Yup, it's me, the same one. I didn't expect that there'd be two others here from HLP though. Bit of a surprise, but also welcome to be noticed. Thank you guys for your praise.
  12. Agreed on the corners issue. Also, Fade, what is your user name on HLP? And thanks for the recognition, always nice to have a fan
  13. Yes, it will be transformation ready. And it's sitting at around 25,000 polies so far.
  14. Well, just on a whim the other day decided to start putting this together, mostly just a fun project for me as a diversion from my usual work. Figured I'd post it up here as it goes, and see what you guys think. So without further ado, here's my first WIP shots (Please ignore the colours, they're for materials testing purposes mostly.)
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