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  1. Yeah it's not the assembly that pushes the crotch forward, but the two little metal tabs that slot into it, they won't stay locked in unfortunately. Oh well.
  2. I just wish I could have my Ozma with armour parts in Battroid mode, the hips won't lock in place for me.
  3. I dunno, I own 2 Arcadia valks and I think it's really just nitpicking. Yes they are white, yes it is very white, especially next to a DYRL Yamato Valkyrie, but it's not pink. I've heard it can be seen in very specific lighting conditions, but I've never noticed it.
  4. I'm a little iffy on this, I've heard you can use the DYRL hands if you already have extras by not using the hand shields included with the armour, but I imagine that means you can't have it holding a gunpod. Maybe someone will do something on shapeways (I hope) to fix that.
  5. I always go with EMS, but mostly because if I'm not home or the delivery guy can't figure out how to use the buzzer in my apartment (Which is 95% of the time) they drop it off at the post office a block away from me, whereas with Fedex or UPS I have a half hour drive to go pick up the package from their depot.
  6. http://www.amazon.com/Macross-Hikaru-Ichijo-VF-1A-Transformer/dp/B001CLV4ME/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1418609516&sr=8-7&keywords=vf-1a
  7. Ah if you're going to have it transform you have your work cut out for you. Most Macross Valks use a fair amount of anime magic to transform. My suggestion then would be to block out the shapes roughly in low poly and work out the transformation first, then adjust proportions so it looks good in all modes as much as possible, then afterwords use that rough shape as a basis to go back and begin detailing and getting parts shaped exactly. The less polies you have to work with the easier it will be to adjust when working with proportions, and use the Yamato VF-11 shots as a reference as much as possible, they've done a lot of that work for you already.
  8. When doing 3D modeling of Macross valks I generally find Hasegawa's images to be the best. I imagine those dimensions are based on a further back swing. Start with the length, and then just go with the Hasegawa refs from there.
  9. Looks like a good deal... but what's with the neon orange all over it? Eh I might bid on it, but if I get it I'll definitely have to repaint
  10. Considering how many people have been asking for a VF-2SS SAP maybe it might be worth it for them to listen to their western customers. Obviously ignoring us wasn't the reason Yamato went under, but it doesn't mean Arcadia can't try something different as a small house. If they could come up with a really really solid VF-2SS that was beyond the quality of anything other valks out there with some cool new features... ah wishful thinking. I doubt it'll happen.
  11. Yeah, a general VF-171 fixer upper kit would probably inspire me to finally buy a CF one.
  12. Oh jeez. I just put in an order for the arm pieces like an hour ago, I would have grabbed a set of these too just to have them, especially considering the cost of shipping haha. Oh well, next time.
  13. Thing about Forbes online articles is that they're often barely above the quality standards of blog posts. There doesn't seem to be much editorial oversight or fact checking, and the author seems to have little other than speculation to go on.
  14. I really hope they do actually. I could use one more set but if Arcadia re-releases it I'll probably buy two, as I've currently got both my Arcadia 1S (Hikaru and Roy) done up with Yamato strike armour, but the white doesn't match now.
  15. That's a fantastic composite! The filtering is excellent and I love how you've done some work to ensure the scene composition retains overall consistency in colour. my only minor nitpick would be that I think the lighting is a little off. In the background photo the lighting seems to be coming from what would be the right side of the valk, slightly angled to the front, while it looks as if the toy is lit from the rear. It's not a glaring problem though, as there aren't any real hard shadows.
  16. Does anyone know if the hands can be replaced by other Valk hands we might already have? I'm thinking of grabbing one of these and painting it up for a DYRL version, but the clown hands will have to go if I'm going to do it.
  17. Great to see it in English, though when I watched it the first time half the fun was trying to guess which ones I was familiar with and name them haha. I was a bit surprised to see the difference in size between Grendizer and Mazinger Z, as they occur in the same continuity, I always figured they were around the same size.
  18. That's something we've all been asking for forever. I've almost been tempted a few times to try my hand at a 3D printing version of one for my own collection if I could figure out what I'm doing haha.
  19. Not sure whether Bandai would handle it differently than previous versions, but I just noticed that the plate which usually extends backwards from the backpack in gerwalk and battroid seems to actually extend from the fuselage itself in that picture, though not sure how accurate that is, it does seem to make the backpack look awfully tall... The Yamato version has both on the same hinge, but this version seems to place the hinge a little higher up. Also, cool page.
  20. Except for the VF-4, VF-14, VF-22 and VB-6
  21. There's a lot of speculation that the designation F-19 was meant for the "Have Blue" technology prototype which later became the F-117 Nighthawk, though it's all still classified.
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