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  1. Looks like it's a V1. The box shot looks a lot like he took it with a camera, while the battroid shot looks like a stock photo.
  2. Yeah I've gone through it thoroughly and I can't see anything caught or otherwise pushing upwards against the backplate. I really am starting to think that the backplate is just slightly warped or something, as when I hold the side down that I'm having troubles with, the other shoulder often pops out instead.
  3. Having gone through it more thoroughly I feel like the entire back is just slightly warped. It feels like when both tabs are snapped into place the plastic is bending along the backplate slightly, it seems maybe just a little too straight. Along the central fuselage everything is tight but around the intakes I can feel a gap when I push down. Anyone have any ideas on a fix? I suppose I could just try to gently bend everything downwards
  4. Well about the first thing I did when I got it was transform it to Battroid so I'm not sure whether it was like that in the box, but every time I've transformed it to fighter the problem appears.
  5. Yup that clip is snapped in, so it's something outside of that.
  6. Well, I believe the bar is supposed to be bent into a bow shape, but here's a picture of the bar itself (Please ignore the door being pushed down near the intake, that was just in this picture, so that's not the problem)
  7. Okay here's some pictures that may help. First off, we have the left side. As you can see in the first picture, the top is flush, as the shoulder joint is pegged into the wing. However on the other side, we have this: As you can see, the shoulder swing joint doesn't peg into the wing. I can manually press it down and it'll snap into place, but then pop right out again.
  8. Thanks for the video, but I've watched that one before. At 4:20 he skips past the problem I have, where he simply says that everything is locked down. Perhaps I just have a lemon? I'll try and post some pics in the next couple of days to better explain my problem.
  9. Hey I have a problem with my Yamato 1/60 YF-21, can't seem to find any posts relating to this issue. When transforming into fighter mode, I can't seem to get the backpack to properly snap down near the shoulder joints. I try to snap one side down, then the other pops up, though one side seems to be looser than the other. I've checked and it doesn't seem that anything specifically blocking the top part from snapping down properly, I have the small doors out of the way, and I've tried it without the arms and legs attached to the figure, so nothing's blocking it there. I think maybe the swing bar mechanism might just be too tight? Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. It's been a while, but I thought it was actually just a sound clip of him from Plus, the line (IIRC) was exactly what he said when he was first testing the YF-19, right before he began his skydiving routine. Admittedly, my Japanese is a little rusty, but it sounded like the exact same line said in the exact same tone of voice with the same intonation.
  11. That's kind of how I imagined it as well.
  12. Bandai's 19 looks kind of awkward in that pose in the first place...
  13. I'm pretty happy with my VF-0S with the exception of the floppy arms, but I generally prefer to keep it in fighter mode anyways. I pre-ordered one of these, hopefully they reissue the VF-0A with Ghost bundle or make a renewal version based on this mold and I can complete my VF-0 collection. Heck I might even get a cannon fodder version if this is any good and they do a renewal of that as well.
  14. Aside from the super parts, are there any differences between the YF-19 and the VF-19 Advance? Is this just going to be Bandai's version of the same toy Arcadia and Yamato have done before?
  15. Okay let's give this a shot: Brand-X YetiStand Alpha: 1 YetiStand Alpha with Pegged Base: 1 Extra YetiStand Arm: YetiStand XL Arm: 2 YetiStand Dual Arm: 3 YetiStand Elbow: YetiStands adapters DX Banking Adapter: 1 DX Standing Adapter: 1 YA Banking Adapter: 3 YA Standing Adapter: 2 Valk Specific adapters Yamato 1/60 YF-21/VF-22 Battroid Stand Adapter: 1 Arcadia 1/60 YF-19 Fighter Stand Adapter: 1 Yamato 1/60 VF-19/S/F/P/K Fighter Stand Adapter: Yamato 1/60 SV-51 Adapter:
  16. Hey Yeti, I'm looking at grabbing a couple of these, but I'm curious about what kind of arms you used to do that awesome Plus dual scene with the YF-19 upside down and the YF-21 upright? Also if I wanted to have 3 VF-1s flying in formation what arms would I need for that? Thanks!
  17. I guess it would be a good candidate for a diorama of Kakizaki getting shot down in DYRL...
  18. Ah good to know, thanks a lot. One more question, are the subs on the movie version the same hard-coded subs as on the original DVD release?
  19. Ya know, Macross Plus is definitely my favourite Macross series, probably because it has so many elements that are completely unlike every other Macross. More mature characters and situations, less focus on the singing, no magic, a real human enemy (I don't mean literally human, but having actual characterization) and a close focus on a few main characters, rather than having a bunch of one-shot characters that only show up when needed for the plot, and are thus given completely two dimensional characterization. Part of that is because of the length, it's nice and short and thus the tight focus really added to the show. I wish they could find a bit of the magic that they found when making Plus again.
  20. I know this is a bit of a dead thread, but looking at that pre-order on AmiAmi it doesn't list the movie as part of the set. Is that intentional?
  21. Wow! I want my YF-19 to look like that... what did you do? Was it a simple ink wash or something more? #totalnoob.
  22. If you can find two, let me know as well
  23. Hey guys, I recently bought a 1/60 YF-21 online but it turned out to be the version without FAST packs. If anyone has a spare set I'll gladly take it from you. I'm not picky about whether it has the fold booster or not, and I don't mind loose as long as the parts are undamaged. PM me with your price.
  24. Received my package today, everything in great condition and fast. Thank you Kicker773!
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